Use PadiAct's behavior targeting to build lists

Have you ever wished there was a platform out there purely dedicated to helping you build quality contact lists? However, you wanted something bigger and better than simply adding another subscription form to your website? Instead you desired forms which can help you get the right contacts at the right time. Wish no longer! I proudly introduce the latest addition to the ActiveCampaign APPS page. PadiAct.
PadiAct noticed a problem with typical subscription forms. By default, subscription forms just sit there. So the questions was asked; what if you were actually able to create smart forms? Forms that know which customers to target and when to present them with the option to provide an email address. This is exactly what the Padiact platform allows you to do. Through the use of behavior targeting, PadiAct allows their users to define the criteria of when a subscription form is presented and of course be in total control of what the form says / offers. The video below provides insight into how PadiAct will help you build a list of contacts worth having.

If you need details on setting up the integration within ActiveCampaign, we’ve prepared a beautiful help article for reference.

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