Updates to the subscriber view page

Subscriber notes
Ever want to jot something down about a subscriber?  Now you can.  The new subscriber notes tab allows you to add and view any notes pertaining to a specific subscriber.  You can even utilize the API & webhooks to manage this data.

rqtrmc2y1 screenshot2013 04 29at4.45.20pm

Making social data easier to find

When viewing a subscriber we will now show any available social networks that they are part of as icons underneath their email address.
jef5z2i6s screenshot2013 04 29at2.46.39pm

Email a single subscriber directly or download their vCard

For each subscriber you will now see a new email icon for contacting them directly and a vCard icon to download their vCard file.  You can then import into any application that accepts vCards.

zzq75fjy screenshot2013 04 29at3.20.15pm

Improved GEO location data

We have been tracking the location and travel locations of your subscribers.  Now we are determing their timezone and showing you their current time along with the ability to discover their travel trends with a larger map.  (expect to see timezone related features popping up throughout the software in the future)

cqewvyyja screenshot2013 04 29at2.51.12pm

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