Updates to importing subscribers & your main lists page

Updates to importing subscribers & your main lists page

We just released a couple of updated pages for all hosted accounts.   The changes have to do with the subscriber import process and your main “lists” page.   Here is a brief overview of the changes to help you get started with the new options.

Updated import page

image 4122947
This page has been redesigned to make the importing process more intuitive.  Changes include:

  • Ability to view current & recent imports (allowing you to see results on past imports)
  • Easier visual selection of external services
  • Simplified list selector

Updated lists page

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Your “lists” page used to just contain a listing of all your “lists”   We have updated this to be a central hub from which you can perform all list related activities.  Changes include:

  • 3 trending graphs (showing subscriber trend, interaction trend, and unsubscribe trend)
  • Direct options to import & manage settings per list
  • Easier segmentation (and display of segments) per list
  • View recently engaged subscribers per list (hovering shows their action)

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