Updates to Google Contacts and Spreadsheets Importing

Using our subscriber import tool, you can easily connect to your Google account to retrieve your contacts or spreadsheets. Until now, there was a couple of lingering problems with this:

1. There was no way to filter by Contact “Group” (groups you set up in Google Contacts), and that seems to be the most obvious way to organize your contacts for importing into ActiveCampaign.
2. Loading spreadsheets from your Google Docs account (through ActiveCampaign’s interface) could take a while (depending on how many you had).

We’ve updated our importer to allow for filtering on Google Contacts groups:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign import filters

(You can still filter using a free-form text search, which looks for matches among all data fields.)

For importing Google spreadsheets, retrieving all of your spreadsheets now loads much faster. You can still filter on spreadsheet and worksheet:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign import filters

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign import filters

As always, make sure your spreadsheets are clean and readable for the best possible result.

We also have an improved authorization process for both Google products:

Screenshot of Google authorization/OAuth process for Contacts

Screenshot of Google authorization/OAuth process for Spreadsheets

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems!

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  • error 1079

    I want to know that how can i load the spreadsheets from Google Docs account?Tell me the solution?
    error 1079thanks.

    • Elizabeth

      When you’re viewing a spreadsheet in Google Docs, go to File -> Download As, and then choose “CSV.” This will give you a CSV file (CSV stands for “comma-separated values”). You can then go to the Import Subscribers page in your account and upload the CSV file from your computer.