Updated Zapier Integration

Updated Zapier Integration

We’ve improved our integration with Zapier to include many more triggers, another action, and support for custom fields. This allows you to extract more data from ActiveCampaign to push to other applications, as well as perform more actions (such as adding a subscriber or creating a campaign) using data pulled from other applications.
You can now have Zapier capture the following events coming from ActiveCampaign:

  • New Subscriber Created
  • New Subscriber Update
  • New Campaign Starts Sending
  • New Campaign Open
  • New Campaign Link Click
  • New Campaign Share
  • New Campaign Forward
  • New Campaign Unsubscribe
  • New Campaign Bounce
  • New Campaign Reply

And you can have any other service perform the following actions in ActiveCampaign:

  • Create Subscriber
  • Create Campaign

We’ve also added support for custom fields so if you have ActiveCampaign set up as a trigger you will receive custom field data (for triggers that include a subscriber record) that can be mapped to your Zapier actions.
Check out the help section article for more details!

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