Feature Update: Notify Anyone with a Dynamic Message

Sometimes we release big, new, game-changing features, and sometimes we release small improvements to existing features. This balance of big and small updates ensures the platform continues to evolve in two ways. We add new functionality but we also continuously optimize & improve existing functionality to make it even better — easier, more useful, more powerful. Feature refinements, rather than feature additions.

Today’s update is a refinement but it’s a major improvement to the “Notify someone” automation action. It allows these notifications to be helpful in a much wider range of scenarios. Now you’re able to customize these messages with personalization tags including custom fields. This feature is live in your account and ready to use!

You can use personalization tags to dynamically customize the notification’s:

  • “From” name
  • “From” email address
  • “Send to” email address
  • Subject line
  • Body content

So rather than just sending a static message to a static recipient from a static email address, you’re able to insert data from any default or custom field. This allows the message to change based on the contact and the data you’ve collected.

How is this useful?

The message itself can be personalized. For example, you want to notify your team that a client has a birthday coming up so they can be sure to mention it the next time they speak with them. In the past, this email would contain a static message such as:

SUBJECT: Client birthday approaching


This client’s birthday is in three days. Be sure to reach out and wish them a great birthday and let them know we value their business.

The contact’s information, including their name and birthday, would be attached to the bottom of the notification along with all other contact data. It worked for many situations, but it wasn’t ideal. We received feedback that you wanted to be able to do more with these notifications. Now you can say…

SUBJECT: Valued client %FIRSTNAME% %LASTNAME%’s birthday is %BIRTHDAY%


%TITLE% %LASTNAME%’s birthday is in three days (%BIRTHDAY%). Be sure to reach out and wish them a great birthday. Let them know we value their business. They’ve been a valued client since %CONTRACT-START%.

How to personalize the
“Notify someone” automation action…

To get started, add the “Notify someone” action to your automation:

This will present you with a modal window with options to customize the message:

To add personalized content to any of these fields, click the personalize icon that appears to the right of the field or, for the body content, the “Personalize Message” button:

Checking the “Include a summary of the contact’s field values in the message footer” option will attach contact data to the bottom of the message including default and custom field values.

We’re interested to hear how you are using notification emails at your company. Does this update cover your usage scenario? Let us know either way.

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  • Sweet – What a great idea.

  • Edward Haskins

    Nice! Let’s do the same with the Add Note automation step, too.

  • Just what I needed! Thanks Guy, this is going to make manual tasks to update client records a breeze.

  • Nice.

  • Super glad to see this addition. It is a feature I use heavily in Hubspot and am pumped to now be able to do it in AC! Thanks!

  • This is a great update. I never considered using the notify action for alerting subscribers. I’ve always used it to update sales when a subscriber has completed an automation or action.

    A whole new world :)

    • Brian Gladu

      Yeah, this update creates some new possibilities for how the notify action can be used. Thanks for the comment, Nathan.

      • Hammer

        But what do you do to send this to someone and remove the “view contact” button?

        • Brian Gladu

          It’s not possible to remove this button right now. It was developed to be used for internal communication but we’re finding that customers like you want to be able to use it externally, so we might adapt it at some point. Thanks for the feedback.

          • Hammer

            “Might” adapt it?

            Brian, look at the example you guys use on this page – you show sending a webinar notification out to a dynamic email address –

            THAT’S WHAT I WANT.

            That’s not an example of internal communication….

            How do I rally to get this “might” turned into a “we’re working on it”?

            AC is an awesome product, but as you’ve grown you are growing outside of the IM space – things like needing an email for a contact (instead of simply having a contact ID), and always needing a website entered when uploading contacts (some of us in other industries didn’t opt people in online – these are closed customers who have purchased our products, etc, who gave us permission to contact them and support them…)

            See what I mean?

            Anyway, how do I try to get this as a true issue being worked on, instead of a “might” kinda thing?


            – Hammer

          • Brian Gladu

            I appreciate your enthusiasm and strong opinions, Hammer. To make this more likely to happen, please submit it as feedback here. Once it’s formally submitted, we can prioritize it with other features our customers are requesting. Any of your thoughts about what we need to change and improve should be funneled there because those submissions are reviewed by our product team. They’re the ones making decisions about development, so they’re in the best position to turn your feedback into changes to the platform.

            I definitely see the use case here. I don’t disagree with you.

          • Hammer

            Thanks Brian, I’ll do that for sure. As a reseller I’m finding that our user base shares the need for these features due to how they are trying to maximize their use of the platform.

            Have a great day!

  • Awesome! I was doing this with a Zapier action, but can now do this within AC. Good job!

  • Zakaria Desai

    wooop, never thought of using to notify the team on clients bdays. What an idea!

  • red

    I want no more about it. It is very interesting