Twitter Authentication Change For Campaign Sharing

We recently updated Email Marketing software List settings to include the now mandatory way of authenticating with Twitter, so you can continue to share your campaigns automatically.
This change may require you to re-connect your Twitter account for each list, but it’s super easy to apply the same Twitter account for every list, if you want.
Here’s a quick rundown on how to set this up, so your campaign tweets are not disconnected.
Edit any list in the admin section, and go to External > Notification Service:
20101021 1
Click the “Login to Twitter” link, which will bring you to the Twitter site, and require you to log in to your account. Once you log in, you’ll be asked to confirm that the application “ActiveCampaign Email Marketing” is allowed to update your stream.
20101021 2
Click “Allow,” and you’ll then be presented with a PIN number:
20101021 3
Copy this number and return to Email Marketing software. Paste the PIN number into the text box, then hit “Submit.”
20101021 4
This list should now be confirmed to send campaign updates to your Twitter account.
20101021 5
You may see a link that says “Use this Twitter account for all Lists.” Clicking this will mirror the same Twitter settings to all of your lists, so you do not have to update each one manually (you need to be part of the main “Admin” Group to do this).

Twitter source reference

By default, your Twitter updates will contain a source to “ActiveCampaign Email Marketing.”
20101021 8
To change this, visit the Branding settings for the User Group that maintains the list. Towards the bottom you’ll see the Twitter application keys that are used:
20101021 7
You can change these keys to use any Twitter application that you’ve created, meaning the source in your campaign tweets will reflect your own application.
Please note: some of these changes may not be available until the release of version 5.2.

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