One of the projects we’re working on at the office is a desktop version of Live Chat’s operator console. Those who use Live Chat are likely to use it extensively (certainly we use it extensively), so having a dedicated desktop version of the operator console makes a lot of sense.
One thing about the standalone version of Live Chat is that it’s much more responsive. Using Live Chat over the web, while nice and especially handy for those mobile users of the service, one still needs a browser
— and all of the memory and processing overhead that comes with one.
We’re already a good portion of the way there with the Desktop version — over halfway finished. We’ve just implemented the typing indicator and typing preview features of the web console. Sending files is also
supported. It’s actually a lot of fun working on the desktop application, since — because we do use AJAX heavily in Live Chat — a lot of the heavy lifting has already been done on the backend in PHP.
Sample Screenshots:

Once our beta testing of the Live Chat Desktop application is finished, we’ll be looking at the full integration of other products into the Desktop suite. So stay tuned — I think Live Chat Desktop is going to be a good one.