From the start of Live Chat we have always had the typing indicators. They alerted the public user when the operator is typing and vice-versa. Great feature and similar to Help Desk responding indicators but we always thought we could expand upon this.
With the release of Live Chat 1.02 we have included a new feature. A live typing preview.
Live typing preview works like this:

1) visitor starts typing a message
2) operator sees the typing indicator stating that the visitor is typing
3) at the same time a dragable typing preview appears and updates in real time with the visitors contents of their text box

So why is this good? You can start to answer your visitors questions even before they click send/submit. Not only will this increase your productivity – but it will also increase your visitors satisfaction with your response times and allow you to take on more chats.

We have a number of exciting new features planned for future updates in the near future. Stay tuned for updates…
Should you have any feedback or ideas – let us know at