It’s been quite a while since our 1.09 version of Live Chat Desktop was released. Quite a few improvements have been made for this new release. The big ones are:

  • The desktop client now remembers the last location and size of the window when you exit the application. This includes the location of the splitter for the traffic/operator list and the chat area.
  • There is a “loader” graphic, similar to what is used on the web console, that notes when the client is waiting for data to load from the Live Chat server. It doesn’t appear during automatic timed events, such as downloading updates to the traffic monitor. The graphic appears on right hand side of the main menu.
  • This is the first desktop version that works to detect when the network connection is too slow to work, and — rather than behave slowly or freeze up due to the time taken — actually alert you to the situation and log out.
  • The actions top-level menu was redesigned to target actions on the operator list of traffic list, depending on what you’re viewing at the time.
  • Fix numerous other layout bugs and a few obscure crash conditions.

Give it a spin — it’s available for download via the Support Center.