Trigger automations from web page visits, logged events, and deal actions

We just added four new ways that you can trigger an automation:

  • When a URL is visited
  • When an event is recorded
  • When a deal stage changes
  • When a deal status changes

This brings us to 15 different ways you can start an automation along with the ability to choose to start an automation within any other automation.

The ability to start an automation with a page visit (or an event being recorded) adds quite a bit of power to our site & event tracking capabilities.  You can now trigger automations along with having conditional branching and options within your automation sequences based on the data that site & event tracking provides.

The ability to trigger automations based on stage or status changes allow you to automate your sales process as a deal progresses along within your sales cycle.

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  • I would to have a event/track for when someone hasn’t opened any emails (in which we can select from a number of our lists) in a time frame.

    For example:

    if someone hasn’t open any emails from list A,B,C for 60 days, send them this campaign/move them to this list.

    • jvandeboom

      You can currently do conditions for if they haven’t opened a specific campaign in the past — but we don’t yet have the option to say “interacted with any campaign for X days” That is something that would be interesting though. I would suggest posting it at

      • Carlo

        Would this scenario be possible if you add a Wait option for X amount of days then put an If/Else condition afterwards?

        • jvandeboom

          Ya, if you have them added into an automation and then put a wait it would do what you are looking for.

  • Andrew Seipp

    Would LOVE to have automations that can be triggered off lead scores. Would truly make the whole system a fully automated setup.

  • Goog question Ivan! Do you have any answer on it?

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  • Roland Hanekroot

    Hopefully someone is monitoring this blog post still… I am trying to make the “trigger on web page visit” to work… but nothing doing… It just doesn’t seem to want to respond… and it’s driving me insane… what are the steps to make it work please?

    • @rolandhanekroot:disqus, we’d have to look over your setup but if you have the site tracking code properly installed, the addresses whitelisted, the trigger set to the exact URL, and the contacts have either clicked on a link in an email or subscribed via an ActiveCampaign form, it should work properly. If it is not you should send us an email to with links to the forms, the pages, the automation, and any other relevant information and we’ll be happy to take a look!

      • Hi John, I got onto Javier at support and we are trying to resolve the situation… it’s a bit of a frustrating issue … i’d appreciate if you could put your two-bob’s worth in with Javier… the problem is that I import contacts from time to time and so those contacts don’t go into the system through a form… and setting up automations ‘listening’ for a click to a couple of specific landing page in a 100+ different emails in my automations means I’d have to set up hundreds of individual automations or triggers or both… not feasible or practical

        • I understand Roland, which is why i suggested the site tracking. A contact will be tracked if the tracking code is set up properly and they either join through a form OR click a link in your email.

          So them clicking any of those links in any of those emails would lead to them being tracked. Then you just trigger the automation off the site tracking for the page instead of the link click.

          • Hi John,
            Sorry, but I am clearly having trouble explaining myself… You don’t understand the problem I am having… I hope Javier has understood the situation and will get a resolution for me, or I am going to be stuffed.

          • Roland,

            I understand entirely what your problem is. And I understand why it’s a pain in the neck. The Link Click Tracking interface does not allow you to track a link across multiple campaigns or messages. You would need a separate start for the automation for each link in each email, which is not a good solution.

            Site tracking however would solve your problem an entirely different way.

            You would be able to specify the site URL (as you’re looking to specify the link) and if you set up site tracking properly this will effectively and efficiently yield the results you’re looking for.

          • Thanks John,

            I totally appreciate that site tracking would solve the problem… I think site tracking is wonderful and I have used it to great effect already…

            except for one thing… it doesn’t work with contacts who are imported into my database.

            Most of my current database is imported and although there will be a proportion of people that come in via signup forms (hopefully quite a few over the coming months and years) there will always be a significant proportion of people I meet at networking events and who I import via manual csv imports.

            I have had several frustrating conversations about this with Javier now, who first told me that that was exactly right… it doesn’t work with imports… then he came back to me and demonstrated that it does work, except the demonstration was with a manual “add contact” in the database rather than an import …so I have now tested it again and again in many different forms… and it seems completely clear… when you import a contact, as opposed to have the contact come in through an AC web form or by adding the contact straight into the “add contact” button… AC will track link clicking but will simply not respond to site visits… not do “site tracking”

            And that’s really annoying because it means the only option I have is to do exactly what you describe above like this: “And I understand why it’s a pain in the neck. The Link Click Tracking interface does not allow you to track a link across multiple campaigns or messages. You would need a separate start for the automation for each link in each email, which is not a good solution.”….

            So now that I have gone to and fro about this with Javier and with you… can we do something about this please?… it seems that there is a really basic bit of code that doesn’t come across or get entered when you import contacts which limits the functionality of the system… I think, that that meets the definition of a bug… and it would be great if we could fix that bug ASAP…

            Please… pretty please???

          • Allah Jesus Ali

            It seems like your best bet may be to just have a virtual assistant hired to put the contacts in manually, so that way you don’t have them being imported anymore.

            I’m not sure about your whole system and how your workflow is, but if each of your imports is under a few hundred (or even over), you could hire an assistant on Upwork to input them manually. This way, they register in the system and get tracked when they visit your site.

            Sometimes, manual labor is the best way to circumvent a technological issue. It would add a small bit of cost in comparison to being able to track and measure out the ROI and analytics from any particular campaign.

            Please share your thoughts.

          • Rachel Speal

            Or you could use QR code that you could use to have contacts you meet be added to your list. They can use their smartphone to be instantly subscribed, and you can just tell them that this automatically adds them to your CRM system (which is true).

          • Brian Gladu

            That’s an interesting idea, Rachel. Thanks for sharing it.