Trigger an automation from Contact & Lead Scoring data

You are now able to trigger an automation (to start) when a Contact or Lead Score matches certain criteria.

Use this to automatically advance highly qualified leads, send alerts about contacts, and more!

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  • James A. Naranjo

    Will this automation trigger retroactively? I mean applicable to clients that came before the creation of this “Lead Value” operation, or does it work on only those clients that were added after the creation of this “Lead Value” operation?
    If I have the “Lead Value” set to “Below 1000;” (which is a numerical threshold that is impossible for my contacts to achieve on their own), will this trigger take affect only those whose score values are 1000 or higher to begin with, or will it trigger the start of the automation to everyone whose score changes to any value that is below 1000?

    The difference is in one case is the trigger affects only those whose scores drop below 1000, and in the other case, the trigger affect everyone whose score changes, as long as it is below 1000. Would love to know the answer because it is a significant difference.

    • Hey James,
      No these would not trigger retroactively. An automation would have to be complete and active before the change happens for it to run.

      A score would have have to go over 1,000 and then it will trigger once they go from above 1,000 to under 1,000. It would not trigger for existing scores below this value.

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