Track your contacts actions & behaviors. Extensive data with a purpose.

A while back we hinted at how we were planning to help you capture and utilize mass amounts of data.   I’m happy to say that it is now live for all accounts.  That includes our paid plans and our free plan (we don’t unfairly restrict our free plan)  We have been using both the site tracking & event tracking features ourselves and we are pretty excited about what it allows us to do.

So what is site & event tracking?

We already track your contact’s interactions with your campaigns, replies to emails, etc.. But what about their history on your site or within your applications?  While we work to integrate with all your favorite services – we wanted a way to easily capture information from any web site along with any custom application.  Site & event tracking accomplishes that.
With a single snippet of code we will monitor all site traffic (very similar to how an analytics platform would).
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You can also log specific events (such as sign ups, conversions, application activity, etc…) with event tracking.  At any time you can include an email address (whenever you know their email — such as after a form, when they are logged in, etc..) and we will relate all of their activity logged in the past (and the future) to that email address.
So now you have a ton of data logging… Time to make it actionable.  You can create segments based on their traffic history & events, have automated series run based on tracking data, conditional content, personalization, and so much more.  We made it easy to collect mass amounts of data and utilize it on a per contact basis.
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Other services offer something that sounds similar… Such as ways to trigger an email when a contact visits a page or very basic segmenting based on pages visited.  Site & Event tracking makes that look like child’s play.  You could setup an email to send when a contact hits a page.  But you can also take their entire site history into account, where they came from, how often they visited pages, specific actions they take, types of products they buy, and more…
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Site tracking

With site tracking you can place a small snippet of javascript on your site (similar to Google Analytics) and we will log/track all of your site traffic.  You can selectively include an email address as part of the javascript (on form completion pages, shopping carts, when users are logged in, etc..) and we will relate all of their past & future traffic on your site to that email address.
How to setup site tracking:

  1. Go to the “Integrations” tab and click “Site & Event Tracking” in the side menu
  2. Click “Enable” by the “Site Tracking” section
  3. Add your domain(s) to the domain white list
  4. Copy/paste the tracking code on to your web site

Event tracking

With event tracking you can log events such as sign ups, orders, actions within your application, etc… With each event that you log you can specify the email address, an event name, and an event value.  The event name and value can be anything you want.  You can then use event data to help run automations, personalize campaigns, show conditional content, trigger campaigns, etc..
How to setup event tracking:

  1. Go to the “Integrations” tab and click “Site & Event Tracking” in the side menu
  2. Click “Enable” by the “Event Tracking” section
  3. Copy/paste the event tracking code on to your web site
  4. Be sure to update the event name and event data variables in the tracking code

Using the data

  • Segmenting your lists
  • Automated series
  • Conditional content (coming soon)
  • Personalizing content & links within emails (coming soon)
  • Viewing specific traffic & event history on the contact view page (coming soon)

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