Top 5 Customer Ideas Solved in 2021

Top 5 Customer Ideas Solved in 2021

We all know that engaging customers across channels is incredibly important to maintaining relationships with them and driving growth. Whether you’re an established business that just shifted to digital engagement, or you recently started your business, it’s crucial to communicate effectively with your customers and prospects. 

Here at ActiveCampaign, we ensure all of our 150,000+ customers have the tools they need to grow their business through exceptional customer experiences. That goes for every interaction no matter the channel, and no matter where the customer is in their journey. 

We continuously strive to give every customer the best possible product out there. So let’s take a look back at the top 5 ideas customers like you provided over 2021 that turned into live features and updates within the platform!

1. Sales engagement automation & 1:1 emails

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Current sales engagement solutions have gaps that can cause issues for marketers and sales reps alike, something to avoid especially for fast-growing businesses. While reps might not be aware of nurture campaigns, the marketing managers don’t always have visibility into 1:1 sales conversations — leading to fragmented customer experiences.

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Sales engagement automation lets you send 1:1 sales emails from your preferred email provider — think Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. It helps you to connect personal sales follow-up to your broader marketing engagement and automates the personal touch at scale.

2. Custom Objects

Custom objects give you a complete view of every customer and their touchpoints with your business by unifying data from the apps you use the most so that you can take action on that data

With custom objects in ActiveCampaign, you can create powerful workflows using key customer data, and automate customer experiences that make your business stand out — and accelerate your growth. Help all teams build a deep customer understanding with a complete record of how every customer has engaged with your business.

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Use the data that matters to your business to deliver new customer experiences that drive growth. Get all the relevant information you need to keep your team aligned with the full context of all your customer relationships. When everything you need is visible and actionable, your team can rally fast and win together.

3. Content manager

Today, you need the ability to create content quickly and across multiple channels, and they need to do so at scale while still maintaining brand consistency. One of the most time-consuming and error-prone aspects of this process is asset management. 

The campaign builder is such an integral part of the platform, and to ensure we improved upon the experience for our customers, we gathered key feedback from customers to make the content manager the best out there.

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Now, you can use the Content Manager to upload, organize, search, and share images used in forms and campaigns. Also use the new improvements for: 

  • Bulk uploads to upload multiple images to the Content Manager at once, saving valuable time
  • The ability to create custom folders for organizing your images
  • Keyword tagging that makes searching images easy
  • Sort options to display images by certain criteria and groupings 

4. The new email designer

It makes sense that our email designer is the most reviewed aspect in the platform: email marketing automation is the backbone of the majority of marketing engagement strategies. While other channels have emerged and are optimized across the ActiveCampaign platform, email marketing automation still boasts the highest ROI for each $1 spent and is crucial to customer engagement.

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Our users expect the email design experience to be dynamic, reliable, and intuitive so they can spend less time building emails, and more time creating exceptional experiences across the whole customer journey. We’re looking forward to continually offering each customer the best possible service with this new designer.

Join the waitlist now for early access to the new capabilities! 

5. Dashboard improvements: Ecommerce & Pages

Last year saw some great improvements to two key dashboards within the platform. If you’re not able to see what’s working versus not working, what use is a tool? 

With the newly updated ecommerce dashboard, you can gather actionable insights that increase sale frequency and value and track a customer through to conversion. View metrics of all your connected ecommerce stores, so you can track performance with recommendations on how to grow your business.

The dashboard works with major integrations like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Square, and WooCommerce. Leverage the dashboard to show a contact’s engagement across their entire journey, and set performance metrics and benchmarks to track success over time. 

Along with an improved ecommerce dashboard, we made crucial updates to the Pages dashboard this year based on customer feedback. Now you can more easily stay organized and provide great web experiences at scale for your customers. 

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You can now use the table view to surface the most relevant information and understand all the pages you’ve created, from unpublished drafts to active pages. We’re really excited for more improvements to the Pages dashboard specifically that will center around up-leveling page performance and identifying areas for improvement.

Interested in providing ideas and feedback that could help drive improvements and updates to the ActiveCampaign platform? Let us know here, and you could see an idea of yours take shape. 

Cheers to what will likely be a fantastic 2022! 

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