Top 16 Chrome Extensions for Sales People

Evernote Web Clipper

The convenience and utility of bookmarking web pages begins to fade as you add more pages to your bookmark bar. If you have to search through a bookmarks bar 50 websites long, it might not be worth having one.

This is where Evernote Web Clipper comes in. The plugin allows you to easily clip any article or web page and save it directly to Evernote so you can access the content on any device. You can tag and organize your clips however you’d like, so you’ll never need to get lost in your bookmarks bar again.


Wunderlist Chrome Extension
Okay, so this is a bit of a two-in-one, but if you’re a Wunderlist user, these are both must-haves.
Add to Wunderlist lets you save anything from your web browser to your Wunderlist account with one click. You can easily access what you’ve saved on any device. This is a great tool to have at your fingertips when you want to share some info with a prospect on a call.
Wunderlist New Tab is an alternative to Chrome’s current new tab page. Given that it’s tied to your Wanderlist account, it’s geared towards your to-do list. Every time you open a new tab, you’ll be politely reminded of what’s on your list for the day, so you’ll always be ready for any calls, demos, or other to-dos.

Dropbox for Gmail

Dropbox Chrome Extension
File sharing with email just isn’t an option. Try it, and before long, you’ll run into notifications that the file you’re sharing is too large to send.

Dropbox solves this problem by letting you share Dropbox files without leaving your Gmail window. When you compose an email, there’ll be a Dropbox button waiting for you so all you have to do is click and share. screen sharing

Appear Chrome Extension
Just about every sales person has at least one (and usually several) use cases for sharing screens. Whether you’re sharing your screen with a prospect during a sales call or catching a team meeting while you’re out on the road, you’re going to want a screen sharing tool that’s dependable and easy to use.
With’s Chrome Extension, you can include up to four people on a video call or upgrade to their PRO version to include up to 12.


Buffer Chrome Extension
Being a salesperson doesn’t just mean talking to prospects and trying to get them to buy something. You need to be an evangelist for your own product, but also anything relating to your customer’s needs.
This means sharing content to your network that is relevant to your prospects (and sometimes it’ll have nothing to do with your product). Buffer makes it easy to publish content to your social media channels, so that your network comes to know you as a one-stop-shop for business solutions.


ActiveCampaign Chrome Extension
A plug for ActiveCampaign’s Chrome Extension on the ActiveCampaign blog? Hard to believe, I know. But no matter how self-serving this shout may be, it’s truly a must-have for ActiveCampaign users.
The Chrome Extension enables you to manage tons of ActiveCampaign processes all from your Gmail web browser. You can add contacts to your list, track deals through the CRM, and create and manage tasks all from the friendly confines of your Chrome web browser.


Docusign Chrome Extension
As a salesperson, there’s little chance you need to be familiarized with Docusign. It is the Goliath of the e-signature world, and it’s Chrome Extension let’s you take advantage of just about all its functionality from your browser. Now you can sign documents, request signatures, and track the status of documents without changing tabs.

Sales is all about knowing your customer, and provides you with more information about your contacts and their companies, so you can always be sending the most relevant and insightful emails.
The tool uses artificial intelligence to sift through tons of data and notify you of things like company news, social mentions, and more, so you never send an uniformed email again.


Datanyze is all about providing you with the intelligence you need to sell better. The tool scrapes the Internet helping you research accounts, build prospect lists, and find email addresses.
The browser extension means you no longer have to navigate between a prospects web page, their social profiles, and your CRM. Not only will prospect intelligence research be easier, you’ll be able to get it done a whole lot quicker.


Guru Chrome Extension
Wouldn’t it be nice to have the collective knowledge of your entire organization at your fingertips? Well, that’s what Guru offers with their Chrome Extension. Guru works with all of your applications that are accessed through Chrome, and you can configure Guru so that only information relevant to the application or web page you are in will show up.


StayFocusd Chrome Extension
If I had a dollar every time I delayed a task by distracting myself with some random time-killing website (I’m mostly talking about Twitter, but there are some others), I’d have more one-dollar bills than I’d know what to do with.
The StayFocusd Chrome Extension aims to prevent you from having that feeling of looking at the clock to see it’s 3:00pm and you’ve done exactly no work. You configure it by selecting certain time-wasting websites, and the tool limits the amount of time you’re allowed to spend on them. If you’re an expert procrastinator, this is the tool for you.

Be Limitless

Be Limitless Chrome Extension
Be Limitless is a new tab dashboard combined with some seriously accurate time tracking. It’s meant to keep you on track and let you know where you’ve been spending your time in a given day. It’ll tell you how much time you spent in email, watching videos, or on social. You can even incorporate a to-do List onto the dashboard. Not to mention, it’s got some beautiful photography as a backdrop.


Noisli Chrome Extension
Nobody needs to tell you that sales can be hectic, so a little peace and quiet can go a long way. The Noisli Chrome Extension makes it easy to calm down and relax by providing specially designed sounds which you can combine to create perfectly optimized sound for any task that requires a bit of focus. The sounds included range from birds singing in a forest to background noise at a coffee shop to the sound of a train on train tracks.


1Password is a lifesaver at times. It eliminates the need to pick a poison when creating a password. That’s right, with one password, you can have complex, secure passwords without the need for a memory reminiscent of Rain Man. The tool automatically generates strong passwords and all you need to do to call the password for a login is click the extension button in the browser.


Pushbullet Chrome Extension
I have an Android. I’m not totally sure why I have an Android aside from the fact that I had some contrarian urge to get one after being surrounded by iPhones. If I’m being honest—though I won’t admit it in public—I regret the decision. One of the big reasons is that everybody I know that has an iPhone uses their Mac to answer text messages when they’re at work.
Now that I’ve discovered Pushbullet, I don’t regret the decision to get an Android. Using the Pushbullet Chrome Extension, you can unite all of your devices. It lets me reply to texts on my computer, share links and files between my different devices, and get all my phone notifications on my computer. When you’re getting contacted a ton (admittedly, I’m not, but this is a list for salespeople, remember), a tool like Pushbullet makes it much easier to manage communication.


There’s nothing worse than the feeling of sending an email, and then realizing seconds too late that it had an embarrassing misspelling or grammar mistake. You can make sure this never happens again by installing Grammarly’s Chrome Extension.
The extension will automatically inspect your writing in documents, emails, and social media posts to make sure it’s mistake free. It even has a weekly personalized evaluation that let’s you know where your weak spots are, so the longer you use Grammarly, the less you’ll need it.

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