Tips and Tricks for Unbounce Integration, Opt-in Through API, and More

Tips and Tricks for Unbounce Integration, Opt-in Through API, and More

Using ActiveCampaign is easy with our free consulting and personalized help – but often some interesting tips are discovered through our support channels and user forums. Here are some recent gems.

Integrate Unbounce to multiple lists?

“It looks like I can only integrate to one list at a time? I have a second landing page that is supposed to populate to a second list.”

After suggesting to use multiple ActiveCampaign user accounts (since each user can map an Unbounce form to an ActiveCampaign list), a better idea came through:

“My other option is to do one list with a custom field for the two landing pages, and the autoresponder would send to a segment instead of the actual list.”

Thanks to Stephan for this tip!

Opt-in subscribers via API

Matt asked:

Is there a way to add a subscriber to a List via an API call (subscriber_add) and trigger the opt-in confirmation email?

Definitely! Just pass the subscription form ID through the subscriber_add API request and make sure that form has opt-in required (you can control opt-in email messages and settings for each form).

Resend a campaign via API

Courtney wondered:

I need to [stop and start a campaign via the API] as we have an on-send email that comes from an external application that need to be resent only if there are new items.

Great question! There could be various ways to achieve this, but a simple suggestion is to use the campaign_status API method to change the status on days where no new content is available. With campaign_status you can change the status to “Draft” or “Paused” in order to stop it from sending. Then when you’re ready to send it again, just update the status to 1 (“Scheduled”).

Automatically map import fields?

Debbie offered this feature suggestion:

Every month I upload an XLS that has a bunch of report information on a subscriber that I want to share with them via email. I’ve setup the fields but it is time-consuming and tricky to map each month. A feature that allows us to store a mapping list would be very helpful.

Sometimes Excel files make sense (and are cost-effective and simple) but once your subscriber details grow, you are better off using a CRM to handle the data. With our new automatic importing from external sources you don’t have worry about mapping fields and running the import manually. We handle the data syncing and field mapping from popular CRM’s, leaving you to focus on your email marketing campaigns! Check out the various CRM’s we integrate with.

Thanks to our active users!

Thanks to everyone who posts in our forums and sends us messages via our social streams – keep the questions and suggestions coming!

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