Tip: Using the API to Edit Subscriber Custom Fields

Our Email Marketing API allows you to interact with the software from another system.

One common integration is modifying subscriber custom fields when editing users in other applications. This keeps the information in sync across both databases.

You’ll need some programming skills to achieve this, and familiarity with your external system. When you’re ready to sync user/subscriber data to your Email Marketing software, just follow these steps:

  1. Call subscriber_view to obtain the subscribers’ information.
  2. Loop through their existing custom fields, and obtain the dataid for each:
  3. Call subscriber_edit, and include the new custom field values, like this:
    'field[7,5]' => 'value here'

    In this example, 7 is the custom field ID, and 5 is the data ID. You need the data ID to modify custom field values.

Please let us know if you have any questions, problems, or improvements for this.

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  • Roy Batchelor

    Can I assume the data ID is different for every subscriber (a pointer to the actual record that has the stored value for the custom field)?

    • Anonymous

      Yes – that is unique per subscriber per field.

  • Roy


    In the example above, I think #3 would be easier to follow if it was based on the example higher up on the page. I think that would be…

    ‘field[1,5]‘ => ‘value here’