Our Email Marketing software allows you to send subscriber date-based email campaigns, which send before or after a system (or custom field) date/time offset has arrived. For example, you could send a follow-up email asking for feedback a week after a subscriber signs up for your newsletter, or an early email expressing best wishes a week before their birthday!
An automated birthday email is a perfect way to connect with your subscribers on a more personal level.
To set this up, you’ll need our Subscriber Date-Based Emails add-on, and a custom field that stores each subscribers’ birthday.
First, create a subscriber custom field for birthday:

Next, manage subscribers and add individual birthdays for each:

Subscribers can also enter their own birthdays when signing up, or by modifying their account:

Next, create a new campaign, and choose the “Subscriber Date Based” type:

When you get to the final step, where it asks when to send the campaign, choose the custom field “Birthdate,” the correct date format, match “Month and Day,” and choose plus 7 days, since the system will look for subscriber birthdays that are 7 days from now (whenever the process runs for the current day).

To make sure your automated date-based emails send, make sure the Auto-Reminder scheduled task is running daily. Go to Settings > Cron Jobs/Scheduled Tasks:

You should not need to adjust anything here as long as the “Auto-Reminder” process is enabled.
Also, make sure each subscriber has “Do not send any future autoresponders” unchecked, if you want automated emails sent to them:

You can monitor your subscriber date-based campaign activity by viewing the Campaign Reports section, just like any other campaign.