Tip of the Week: Using Message Variables

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There often comes a time in marketing when you realize you’d like to make a single update across all of your campaign emails being sent out via Campaigns or Automations. The problem is, that would take far too much valuable time out of a business owner’s day.
This is where message variables save the day!
Use a message variable to include text in your email communications that you would like to be able to easily update without having to open and edit a single campaign email. A great example is your signature.
If you create a message variable with the personalization tag “%my_signature%” and add it to every email you send (in Campaigns and Automations), you’ll be positioned to update your signature in all campaign emails from one place in your ActiveCampaign account.
Other ways to use message variables include:

  • A line of text displaying your latest blog post (or product update)
  • A registration link to an upcoming event
  • A time sensitive offer

For help on setting up your message variables check out this help doc.
For more use cases around using message variables check out our guide on message variables.

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