Tip of the Week – Opt-In Contacts You Collected Offline

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Sometimes contacts come to you offline—you collect business cards at a conference or meet someone interested in your business at a networking event.
You might be tempted to add them to your email list right away, but because you’re a responsible marketer you want to make sure they opt-in first. (No, handing you a business card doesn’t necessarily mean “I want to get your emails!”)
So what’s the best way to let offline contacts opt-in? Try this:

  • Send each individual a personalized email from your email client. Make sure this email offers more info about your business, product, or service, and thanks them for their interest.
  • Include a link to your subscription form with additional info about the emails you send so they can learn more and choose to subscribe.

By letting your new contacts opt-in, you ensure you’re only sending emails to people who want to receive them, which in turn ensures great deliverability.
Read our Help article to learn more.
And for help crafting your subscription form messaging, read our guide to configuring confirmation opt-in.

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