TinyMCE Editor Tip: Access Browser Right-Click Menu

Our Email Marketing and Help Desk products both utilize the HTML WYSIWYG editor, TinyMCE.
20110111 10
This robust text editor allows for easy HTML design and manipulation, but can often create stress for new users. The editor sometimes behaves in certain ways that contradict the user’s intention.
One particular aspect of the editor that confuses users is the native right-click contextual menu (accessed when right-clicking anywhere inside the editor):
20110111 8
This menu overrides the browser’s right-click contextual menu, and often stands in the way of the options available when right-clicking anywhere else on the page:
20110111 9
To access the browser’s right-click menu while in TinyMCE, just hold down Control while right-clicking:
20110111 11
Now you can easily paste text into the editor, as well as utilize the browser’s spell-checker feature.
Stay tuned for more TinyMCE tips!

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