ActiveCampaign and DigitalMarketer Present a Digital Anti-Conference: This Just Works

ActiveCampaign and DigitalMarketer Present a Digital Anti-Conference: This Just Works

Who else is sick of boring “virtual events?”

Real events are great, but sitting on your 11th hour-long Zoom lecture and fighting the urge to scroll through Instagram — let’s be real, a losing fight — is miserable.

Worse, it doesn’t even help your business.

Digital events are broken, because most people just move the content from their in-person talks online. They’re full of generic speaker panels, awkward virtual trade show booths, and pseudo-motivational talks that leave your heart beating faster but your business standing still.

Conferences need to change. Zoom fatigue is real. You can’t sit through eight hours of talks to find one nugget to apply in your business.

What if there were a different type of digital event? An “anti-conference?” What if everyone agreed to…

  • Stop pretending that Zoom breakout rooms are the same as real breakout sessions
  • Admit that sitting on a call in your home is different from sitting in a convention center
  • Focus on the 1-2 ideas in each talk that actually matter — and make every talk about what you can actually use in your business right away

What would that look like? ActiveCampaign is partnering with DigitalMarketer to make it happen.

This Just Works: the digital “anti-conference”

On August 26th, 2020, you can join ActiveCampaign, DigitalMarketer, and a panel of 15 experts at This Just Works, a one-day digital anti-conference.

WARNING: When you come to This Just Works, you might find yourself ignoring boring emails, avoiding pointless meetings, and actually taking notes on how every session can help your business.

What is This Just Works?

  • 15 quick-hit, 15-20 minute talks from people with proven results in their expertise
  • Giveaways and a chance to win prizes throughout the event
  • Live chat with people like you, plus discussion about how you’ll use what you learn
  • Tips, tricks, and instantly-usable ideas that you can bring to your business
  • Recordings of every talk — so that each expert is on-hand when you need them

Instead of keynotes and hour-long sessions, every talk at This Just Works is jam-packed with info—15-20 minutes of an expert showing you exactly how to do the thing that they are great at.

In this one-day event, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from people who are the very best at what they do. With all the fluff stripped away, you’ll come out of each session with specific, actionable tactics you can use for your business.

You’ll come away with marketing that just works.

This is an anti-conference built for digital. Everything you hear at This Just Works is something you can use. It all comes from someone who has been there, done that — and is ready to show you how to do it too.

Speakers at This Just Works will include:

  • Alex Gammelgard, Sr. Director of Brand at ActiveCampaign
  • Dan Frohnen, CMO at Sendoso
  • Yoni Solomon, Director of Product Marketing at G2
  • Matt Amundson, CMO at Everstring
  • Shannon Goodell, Sr. Social Media Manager at DigitalMarketer
  • Wyatt Jozwowski, Co-Founder at Demio
  • Asha Bynum, Videographer at DigitalMarketer
  • Austin Distel, Chief Marketing Officer at Proof
  • Briana Strauss, Partnership Marketing Manager at Jotform
  • Sean Scott, Partnerships Specialist at Thinkific

We’ll announce more and more speakers as August 26th gets closer. But registration is open right now, and you can save your spot today. Normally a $99 value, you’ll get the chance to sign up for a free ticket when you use the code TJWAG2020 at checkout.

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