The new email designer

A true drag and drop experience

Drag new content into your email, resize things dynamically, drag/drop to reorder items, and resize items with a live preview.

Add rows and columns with ease

You can now add new rows and columns by simply dragging new content to the edge of any existing content. Columns can be resized by simply dragging the column to your desired width.

Real time multi-user collaboration

See a full list of everyone who is currently viewing your email. Any changes will show up in real time (and highlighted briefly with the users color) so that you know what people are working on. Never lose work with our versioning/list of changes. Preview any previous save of the email and revert at any time.

Refined & automatic mobile optimizations

We take the email and perform hundreds of mobile optimizations. The logic we have developed takes into account all the various factors (formats, widths, images, etc..) to determine the intent of your email and will automatically make it mobile ready for a beautiful display on both desktops and mobile devices. This can be turned off from the settings screen of each email if you wish.

Image editing capabilities

We have full image editing capabilities including resizing, cropping (with preview), automatic image scaling (for large images), and an extensive array of photo optimization/tweaking tools.

New & improved content options

Add blocks of text, headers, images, videos, and live content from RSS feeds. Each content option has it’s own unique set of settings/capabilities and it’s own set of style options.

Some of our new content options include:

  • Buttons
  • Line breaks
  • Spacer
  • Social (coming soon)

New HTML based editor (For advanced users)

If you choose to use your own HTML you won’t be using our drag & drop designer. In this case you will have a new code editor with a live preview of your email (as you code) We have also added versioning/list of changes support to this mode along with multi-user detection to avoid situations where you could clash with another user.

Plenty more to come

While this is a massive update (replacing our old email designer) we are just getting started. You will soon find a new “social” block that you can add to your emails, a revamped ecommerce block type, many more new templates, and many more things (that we are not yet ready to announce)

Let us know what you think!

We would love to hear your feedback about these changes and the new email designer in general. Please comment with what you think!

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  • Henry

    When does this new email designer launch? If it’s available now, I don’t see how to access it.

    • jvandeboom

      It is being rolled out to some accounts at this time. If you want to get it right away simply email

  • Clayton Chase

    Looks awesome! Excited to give it a try.

  • Looks a lot easier, the existing editor has been getting a bit frustrating compared to the mailchimp one, but the new editor looks like it will be a step ahead of all of it.

  • Carlos Marchan

    Awesome stuff!

  • Love it! Awesome job!

  • Awesome work guys!!

  • Bob Harrison

    All working well. Nice job. I’ve mentioned this before but would be nice to be able to style the RSS feeds in the new email designer. At the moment they bring in the feed data OK but the lone height is not editable and so mucks up the design. If we had this open available I think we’d certainly use the RSS option. While You are at it, any idea how you would pull in an image from an RSS feed? Guess it would be in the cdata of an item but not 100% sure or if Active would support this currently?

    If anyone has a thought about this please respond.

    • jvandeboom

      We do support images with the RSS feeds — and you can apply styles to each part of it (the image, header, text, etc..)

  • Hi, this looks great but I have a couple of suggestions. Firstly I struggled with the social boxes at the bottom of the Personal Email Template. I couldn’t figure out how to move them without everything else being offset. Then when I deleted one I couldn’t figure out how to get it back. Just pretty fiddly, I gave up in the end.

    Also I wanted to add in some HTML from a Wistia Embed code. Only it doesn’t work in the visual designer. I spoke to your support and they said I had to use custom html forms but it would be great to see an HTML box input in the visual editor options.


    • jvandeboom

      We have a social content block in the works to make things easier for including social icons.

      Custom HTML is something we have discussed and may offer in the future for the drag/drop email designer. You can use our HTML editor/designer for the time being though.

  • jvandeboom

    The new designer does not deal with code. You can create columns/spacing/margins/etc.. all using the drag and drop designer.

  • Evielyn Chapman

    Are we able to create templates using the drag & drop designer? It’s much easier for clients to use a drag & drop editor compared to a code editor, so would like to be able to offer them easy to use drag and drop templates.

    • jvandeboom

      Yup! simply go to the Campaign > Templates page to create one

  • Hey Danou,

    We do not currently support ‘anchor links’ that would be used for such a purpose. I would suggest posting something to if you think this is something we should add in the feature.

  • Thanks for your feedback Jonathan. If you have suggestions of things you’d like to see added you can post them to

    While we don’t have an ‘undo’ option there is a revisions option on the top right that does essentially the same thing and would allow you to preview earlier versions and revert to them at any time. Thanks

  • If you make a ‘designer’ template any items can be modified. There is no way to ‘lock’ certain items. Same with the older ‘basic’ templates

  • Janice Tucker

    I’m trying to change the line spacing on my text in my autoresponders and having problems. I import it from notepad and it’s single spacing. I want to make it one and a half or double spaced so the text doesn’t look so squashed together. Can anyone instruct me on how to do this?

    • Brian Gladu

      Sure, Janice, I made you a quick video showing where to adjust line height: When you select the text block it will display a line height setting in the sidebar. Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Janice Tucker

        Perfect Brian! Thank you so much. So simple when you know how! I was having trouble importing copied text and hadn’t had any problems in the past so not sure what happened. Problem solved now so thanks so much. :-)