The Past and Future Landscape of the Martech Space

Driving into the future of martech
I never like to assume.
So, for those who might not know or just need a refresher, here is a definition of martech:
Martech is the blending of marketing and technology. Due to the technological nature of digital marketing, it is highly likely you have dealt with martech in some form, if that is your area of expertise.The term ‘martech’ especially applies to major initiatives, efforts, and tools that harness technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives.” – Martech Today
Some examples of martech software might include; Sprout Social, Shopify, ActiveCampaign, The Facebook Advertising Platform, GoToMeeting, Litmus, and many others. To see just how vast the full 2017 martech landscape is; see the image below.
Marketing Technology Landscape

Be a better marketer

The overall goal of martech is to help us be better marketers — to help them succeed at sending the right message, to the right user, at the right time. In order to do this effectively, we need to acquire the right data.
We need to learn as much as we can about each one of our customers; letting us build a unique profile of their characteristics and behaviors. This allows us as marketers, to deliver perfectly-timed, personalized, cross-channel messages throughout each stage of the their specific customer journey.

The past

Marketers in the past were challenged with creating a complete profile for their customer base.
At the time, it was nearly impossible to piece together their customer data due to data fragmentation. Moreover, the different solutions they were using weren’t communicating, or piecing together, a complete profile for their customer base.
To overcome the data fragmentation problem all-in-one platforms were created.
All-in-one platforms prevented fragmentation because it rolled many solutions into a single platform and provided, at the time, all of the functions a marketer would need.
“At the time” is key.

The future

Fast forward to 2017 and marketers’ needs have grown tremendously. There are more specialized solutions than ever needed to market online. Ad platforms, social media, ecommerce platforms, landing page builders, and so on.
Growing Scope of Digital Marketing Over Time
At the same time, these specialized apps have become more open and integrated than ever. APIs have improved providing more functionality and are easier to use. It’s now possible to pass most important data from solution to solution.
With these important changes, for many marketers, it now makes sense to build a custom stack using best-of-breed solutions that provides the functionality and pricing that works for them.
But, in order to have access to custom, best-of-breed solutions marketers need to have the right foundation in place. A foundation and solution that will grow with their needs, not against them.
Not a one-size fits all solution.
But, rather a flexible platform that allows for solutions to be swapped out for other solutions as the business needs change.

Jack of all trades. Master of none.

Because of the growth in marketers’ needs, all-in-one platforms are struggling to keep pace with more focused, more nimble point solutions that solve a specific problem.
In other words, the focused point solutions are experts in the specific problem they’re trying to solve, enabling a business to focus attention and resources into developing the perfect solution for that problem.
Whereas, all-in-one solutions are focused on building a great landing page, a great ecommerce platform, a great social media management tool, and so on.
At a certain point, an all-in-one just becomes spread too thin. Focusing on too many specializations.
So, as all-in-one solutions try to tackle the full scope of marketers’ needs they tend to end up falling behind in some areas because they are trying to handle, and focus on, too much.
Jack of All Trades. Master of None.

Making the marketing process future proof

Customizing your marketing stack will future proof your business’s marketing process.
As new trends and products hit the market, no problem. Just add them to your custom stack. Your business has had massive growth. Swap up your custom stack to better fit its needs.
*To learn more about future proofing your marketing process read our Escaping the Clouds white paper.

The right solutions, based on your needs

With a custom stack you pay for only what you need. Select the best solutions and swap them out to adapt to new marketing trends and challenges.
The days of choosing between incomplete data or an inferior set of tools are over. The present state of martech and ActiveCampaign allows you to have the best of both worlds. By providing powerful Deep Data Integrations with best-of-breed point solutions you can assemble the perfect custom marketing stack — with the best tools, for your needs, right now.
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