The Future of Email Marketing Software

We are currently in the planning stages for the next large update of Email Marketing, version 4.2. This new update will include a number of important updates in regards to our email template system and the ability to add plug ins and custom coding into any of the admin pages.

Some of the items to be likely included in 4.2 are listed in our development tracker.

If you have any feature requests or issues you would like addressed please post them to the bug tracker or forum in the near future to have them considered for 4.2.

Due to the extensive scope of changes and additions we are not setting a date for this update at this time.

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  • I purchased the software, love it, but really need the ability to send email to lists via a list email address, that only lets a designated email send to the lists.

    I’m a REALTOR and my MLS system can be set to send email when certain properties become available. Let’s say your interested in Lake Superior lots/land. I enter you on my email list for that type of property. The MLS system will then send out an email with all property details and images to a designated email address. I would like the designated email address to be the list address.

  • We have just started using ActiveCampaign Email Marketing. Its feature set is quite impressive – good job all!

    There are four items/features which would help integrate Email Marketing into our environment and I would think benefit other users of your product.

    1. If, for each list, one could specify default subject line text for new messages. It would also be very handy if a DATE variable could be used in the subject line.

    2. If, for each list, one could specify the default templates for new messages, so they would not have to be selected each time. Then, for specific users, the permission to select a different template when creating a new message could be removed/deactivated.

    3. The ability to purge archive items once they reach a certain age. Even better if done automatically (by cron).

    4. The ability to integrate our CMS with Email Marketing and trigger a message to be sent to a specific list when chages are posted to a website.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Reuben

    A method to purge unsubscribes from main list instead of simply growing a big unsub file