Boost Your Productivity with the ActiveCampaign Gmail Extension

Note: This post is now out-of-date. For the most up-to-date information about the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension, please refer to our help center

The ActiveCampaign Gmail Chrome Extension is out of BETA and available in the Chrome App Store.
This time-saving extension allows you to keep your contacts and deals up to date as you work out of your inbox. Now you can keep ActiveCampaign up-to-date and manage automated processes without having to switch tabs to make changes to your ActiveCampaign account.

Working with the Chrome extension…

You can add Gmail contacts to your ActiveCampaign quickly and add any information you have:
saworm57f gmail adding contact

You can see all your contact data, including custom fields, tags, and interactions with your marketing, right next to the message you are typing so you’ll have all your marketing and sales information right at your fingertips. With all the deal information available to you, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and get more productive without having to navigate to the deal record in ActiveCampaign.
You can seamlessly create deals as you qualify leads and opportunities.
seyl1nxka gmail creating deal
As your deals progress, you can quickly move them to the next stage of your sales process so that your CRM is kept up-to-date
As your correspond back-and-forth, if you identify an automation that would be helpful to the contact, such as a follow-up sequence educating them on the benefits of a certain product offering, you can start the automation right in the sidebar. Likewise, if you realize a contact is in an automation they don’t belong in, you can end it.
As you mention action items, you can add them onto a deal so that you never forget to follow-up or follow-through.

Install it today…

To install the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension, visit its page in the Chrome App store. Clicking “Add to Chrome” will install the extension.

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