Teton Sports provides high-quality equipment for all things outdoors. For people who enjoy hiking, mountaineering, and other outdoorsy pastimes, Teton Sports offers a variety of sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, cots, and outdoor accessories.

Marketing was in pretty good shape at Teton Sports—they had a powerful social media presence that helped their products get out in front of new audiences. Targeting hashtags like #HikerChat and #GetOutdoors was spreading the brand.

But the company was looking for a more targeted way to reach its audience.

The challenge: Send targeted offers

Teton Sports focuses on gear for the outdoors. But even within that category, there are a variety of different target audiences.

An avid hunter has different needs from someone planning a family outing.

Someone going camping for a weekend doesn’t necessarily need a $300 sleeping bag that’s rated for freezing temperatures.

Teton Sports needed a way to target specific customers with specific offers.

The answer: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign makes it easy to target specific messages to specific audiences.

Custom forms, link tracking, site tracking, and tags make it easy to track what people are interested in. When a customer submits a form or makes a purchase, you can ask what kind of trip they’re planning. From then on, you can use that information to send targeted offers.

Is someone interested in hiking? Teton Sports can promote their #HikerChat, and deliver targeted campaigns for backpacks and accessories.

The Results: 7x the Email List

“I love how I have more control with my email and how wicked simple it is to use. I’d recommend ActiveCampaign to people who want to scale their email marketing efforts without the hefty price tags of other email or CRM platforms. We’ve 7X’d our email database all with the implementation of ActiveCampaign.” – Shawn Parry, Head of Marketing and Development

ActiveCampaign helped Teton Sports define their target audiences more clearly. By being able to track what people wanted, Teton Sports could make the right offers—and help their customers find the equipment they needed.

ActiveCampaign also helped Teton Sports spread the word about their campaigns. When Teton Sports collected and repaired old equipment to be donated to homeless shelters, they were able to spread the word about their campaign through targeted email marketing.