Testing Your Automations Is Now Easier Than Ever

At ActiveCampaign, we are heavy advocates of testing your automations as thoroughly as possible before activating them. To make that process easier, we’re introducing a new feature: the ability to skip wait actions.

Now you can test the full automation — and save time doing it.

How To Skip Wait Actions

Go to the individual contact view of the person you wish to push past the wait action and look at their “Info”. There you can see all the automations a contact is in.

Select the automation you want to test. Next, click “View”.

The automation loads and the contact’s avatar shows where they are paused. Click the link beneath the avatar titled “skip this wait action”.

By clicking that link, you push the contact past the wait action. The contact proceeds through the automation as though the wait time expired.

For your records, you can hover over the skipped step to see which user pushed the contact through the workflow and at what time.

And there you have it! Testing your automations is more efficient than ever before.

3 Things To Know

1. That feature is NOT limited to individual wait actions. You can push your contact past any wait action he or she is paused at (including goals that have wait conditions). Going forward, we will build on the idea of working with individual contacts in automations.

2. The skipped step appears in the contact’s “Activity Stream” as if it was naturally executed. It won’t show as “skipped”.

3. You cannot undo skipped wait actions. Once you push a contact past a step, the only way for he or she to go back to that step is repeating the start trigger.

That is the first of many tools we plan to create to help you build and test strong automations for your business. Please note: to use the “skip wait actions” feature, you must have the latest version of the CRM. Update today by clicking here.

How are you currently testing your automations? What do you think of the new feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Badass

  • Bob Keen

    Excellent, most excellent feature!

  • Congrats on your new Role Chris! And sweet feature.

    • Chris Davis

      Thanks Bobby! Really appreciate that.

    • Thanks Bobby! I really appreciate that.

  • nice one :)

  • Very sweet!

  • Brilliant guys!

  • Kristoff Henry

    Great time saver!

  • Wow. Nice feature!

    P.s. This doesn’t work on Lite plans?

    • Christian this will work on any plan that has the updated CRM

      • So the short answer is no? Because lite plan doesn’t have the CRM option :)

        • jvandeboom

          You can still update to the BETA. And this feature isn’t dependent on the CRM so you would then see it.

  • Andre Gibran

    Great! Tks guys!

  • This is fun to see the avatar jumping from one goal to another.. Very helpful for testing Thx

  • Fantastic feature. Really helps with the testing. Keep up the good work! :-)

  • you really rock guys!!!!

  • Richard Markie

    It’s definitely a good idea. However – if you have certain rules set up that are date based/based on number of days etc – it can lead you down a path you don’t want (in my case ending an automation early after the first email). I can’t test the full flow without changing parts of the automation.

    • As it is now this does not simulate the entire automation it simply allows you to skip wait states to test functionality. I would recommend using this with extreme caution if you plan on using it on “non-testing” contacts.

  • Brian David Hood

    love this!

  • Edward Haskins

    Chris, what’s the difference between a solid black line displayed in the automation path and a gray line displayed? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44f95fd3e081e40dcbef050067d80062baf249c46deda3c51c67b6e43048f69a.png

    • Hey Edward…the black line usually denotes their current path (especially if they have entered the automation twice). However, it’s hard to tell for this specific case without seeing the entire Automation.

  • Daniel Tamaki

    How can you test the automation without impacting your goals conversion rates? If you delete the deal or contact will that delete the conversion rate?