How Helpwise Unifies Customer Conversations With ActiveCampaign

How Helpwise Unifies Customer Conversations With ActiveCampaign

This post was contributed by Shaambhav Shankar of Helpwise.

When collaborating via email, team members generally forward emails, CC, or BCC their colleagues. This method is effective because every time a different team member needs to see an email, they have to receive the forwarded copy of the email. Plus, team members in the CC/BCC chain who don’t really need to reply to the conversation get bombarded with additional emails.

Typical email clients like Gmail and Outlook aren’t as collaborative as we’d like them to be. But with the changing times, it is imperative that we build and implement processes for minimal disruption.

Helpwise is a workplace collaboration solution that substitutes all your other communication tools by allowing you to work within one platform.

Why Helpwise?

Helpwise is a shared inbox tool that acts as a single repository of emails for various inboxes. It allows multiple people to access one single inbox while helping them stay productive and collaborate efficiently.

You don’t need to share passwords, forward emails or CC/BCC emails anymore. Helpwise allows you to have a single team email inbox, and each team member gets their own unique login. So whenever a team member replies to an email addressed to the team email address, the reply will send from the same team email address, like info@ or help@, even if different team members reply on the same email thread.

You also get detailed analytics that shows how well your team is performing in replying to queries. Reports show the number of queries and the response rate.

Helpwise has a built-in collision detection feature that helps in preventing duplicate or contradicting replies from team members. The collision detection feature automatically notifies you when a team member is already writing a response to a customer query.

Here’s how Helpwise can help your team:

  1. Assign conversations to team members or groups
  2. Collaborate on each conversation or email thread internally with your team members
  3. View and reply to conversations from different inboxes (email, social media accounts, live chat) on one platform
  4. Access to analytics to see how well your team responds to customer queries
  5. Automate tasks like assigning of conversations, tagging emails, and auto-replies based on the content of the email

Shared Inbox for Customer Support

Help desk tickets are an effective way to provide customer support at scale. However, customers prefer personal attention. That’s why you should replace your boring and impersonal help desk tickets with a shared inbox.
With Helpwise, you get all the benefits of using the helpdesk, while providing highly personalized customer support via email. Customer support teams can easily assign these conversations to different team members and reduce the time it takes to respond to customers.

Shared Inbox for Sales

As your business grows, it becomes a struggle to manage customer support, sales, and internal emails across the company. Then, teams compromise their security by sharing email logins among team members. Helpwise offers your team a new way to manage all your client conversations in one place.

Features of the ActiveCampaign-Helpwise Integration

Helpwise’s ActiveCampaign integration is packed with incredible features.

One-click Access to ActiveCampaign Contacts

With the Helpwise integration, you can easily track your customer’s profile in ActiveCampaign from Helpwise, while writing your reply to emails.

  • Fetch contact information from ActiveCampaign
  • Update ActiveCampaign profile directly from your Helpwise Shared mailbox
  • Create a new ActiveCampaign Contact profile

Access to ActiveCampaign Deals

With the ActiveCampaign integration, you can track and update ActiveCampaign deals directly in Helpwise.

See deals associated with the customer in the email
Create new deals directly from Helpwise
Update the ActiveCampaign deal information directly in Helpwise

How to Use ActiveCampaign + Helpwise

The integration offers users the opportunity to view, create, and update ActiveCampaign contacts and deals right from the Helpwise dashboard. You can use the Helpwise shared inbox to keep a track of all your emails and delegate the conversations to your team members.

For example, this integration allows customer support teams or client-facing teams to keep a track of all the client/customer data right from within the shared inbox. There’s also the ability to share conversations with team members through conversation delegation, without having the need to screenshot, forward, or cc/bcc emails.

Create and Manage ActiveCampaign Contacts

If you open an email in the Helpwise platform, you’ll see the ActiveCampaign logo on the right side of your screen. Click it and you’ll have the option to create a contact for the sender of that email.

team productivity customer conversations

You also can edit the contact information by clicking the edit button on the right side of the contact.

team productivity customer conversations

Access ActiveCampaign Deals

You can access ActiveCampaign deals for your contacts directly from Helpwise. When you click on the deals tab, you’ll either see a pre-existing deal or an option to create a new deal.

team productivity customer conversations

You can update pre-existing deals for your ActiveCampaign contacts by clicking on the pencil icon, as shown in the screenshot below.

team productivity customer conversations

Boost Team Productivity With Shared Inbox Collaboration

Your team’s productivity matters. Helpwise and ActiveCampaign support your team by managing your conversations, contacts, and deals in one place. It’s designed to scale as your team grows, so you can keep your customers satisfied.

To learn more about Helpwise or to try a free demo of the platform, visit us here.

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