Tag your contacts

We just introduced a new way to categorize, segment, and explore your contacts…. Tags.

Our custom fields allow you to store anything about your contact’s using a name and value concept.  There are times you may prefer to only have an identifer that is on or off for contact’s without the need of all the power/options fields have to offer.  Tags allow you to do just that and are very free-form.  There is no need to set options for the tags; simply tag a contact with whatever you want, whenever you want.  The free-form nature of tags allow you to quickly categorize contacts, use tag data in your automation work-flow, and segmenting your lists.

How to add tags to contacts:

  • Contact view page
    When viewing a contact you can see all their existing tags and add new tags to the contact

  • One-time automations
    From the automations page you can have tags created based on triggered events
  • As part of automated series
    Add a tag as part of your automation logic/work flow in an automated series

How to use tags:

  • Segments
    Narrow down your lists to only contacts that have (or do not have) specific tags
  • Conditional content
    Show personalized content within a single email based on whether or not tags exist
  • Automations
    Within automated series you can add conditions to only do things if they have specific tags

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  • Jason this is an awesome feature and I’m very pleased that your company continues to focus on rolling out features to make your system even more competitive with other (un-named) marketing automation software.

    Is there a way to start an automated action if a contact is tagged with a tag? That’s the missing part I’m not seeing. Then again, maybe there is a way to get this to work that I’m not seeing.

    In any case, great work, and thanks for the blog post update!

    • Hey Enoch,

      Thanks for the feedback! You can definitely use tags as conditions for initiating an action. See this help doc for more information:


      Search for “Using tags with the automated series” on that page to jump to the right spot. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

    • jvandeboom

      Thanks for the kind comments!

      You can create one-time automated actions/triggers if a contact is tagged with a tag. That could result in sending campaigns, updating details, entering a series, etc.. We are working on ways to make automated series and one-time automated actions blend together (from the interface perspective) currently.

      Let us know if you have any questions/feedback/comments/etc.. as we continue to roll out more automation related features.

  • Braydan

    How can I apply different tags for different contact forms. I’ve build several different contact forms and I’d like each contact form to apply a different tag. I do not want the client to see this.

    • Our Automations will let you create “starts” for each form – and then you can apply tags to contacts after they fill out each form.