Sync Data Between ActiveCampaign and Cloud Services with itDuzzit

Cloud app connectors are becoming an important part of any company’s workflow, allowing asynchronous transfer of data between two web-based services.
This allows companies to use the services that best fit their needs, and not worry about building bridges in between each service that they need to exchange data with, which would require a lot of development and maintenance.
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We like itDuzzit for their extensive list of connectors (various services you can push to, or pull data from, including ActiveCampaign), their competitive pricing compared to other cloud connector services, and their deep feature set which allows for complete control over how you map your data between each service.
Creating a new “duzzit” (as the service calls it) is simple. First choose between cloud-to-cloud, or a custom solution:
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Cloud-to-cloud pulls information from a public RSS feed, or from a connected app that you have set up:

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When you choose an existing service, it will show you all available triggers that itDuzzit watches for. For example, a new subscriber added to a certain ActiveCampaign list:

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You can even map custom fields over as well.
Next, the “Do This” part lets you push the ActiveCampaign data into any other application or protocol that is available to receive the data:
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Let’s say we want to have new ActiveCampaign subscribers added as a new Google Contact. Now we can map over the fields to Google Contacts:
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Once you’ve set this up, itDuzzit will automatically check for new ActiveCampaign subscribers, and add them to Google Contacts without any involvement from you!
You can also do the opposite – have contacts added in another application automatically added as subscribers in ActiveCampaign.

Custom Solution

Using the custom solution is for more advanced users, but will allow you more complete and fine-tuned control over how your data is processed, filtered, and sent/received.
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Check them out and let us know if we can help with anything!

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