Announcing Calendar Feeds Sync

Subscribe to your ActiveCampaign tasks in Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, or any WebDAV calendar application.
As a modern marketers we lead incredibly busy lives.
In order to stay sane, I rely heavily on Google Calendar. The more information I can sync with my calendar, the quicker and easier it is for me to plan my day, and schedule upcoming appointments.
Today I am able to sync one more set of very important information with my calendar; my ActiveCampaign tasks. I am very excited to announce the newest feature release for ActiveCampaign: Calendar Feeds.
This new release allows ActiveCampaign users to create customizable calendar feeds, so that you can import your upcoming ActiveCampaign tasks into your preferred calendar that supports the CalDAV format. That means you can subscribe to your ActiveCampaign tasks in Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook, among others.
You may customize your feeds to match your organizational style. For example as an admin you may want a “master” Calendar Feed of all the upcoming tasks for all stakeholders in your organization.
Or if you prefer a more modular approach you can customize the feed to be specific to a single ActiveCampaign user, or a single ActiveCampaign Deal Pipeline.
Its totally up to you!
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Getting Started

Setting up a Calendar Feed is easy.
From your ActiveCampaign dashboard, click on your account menu in the upper right hand menu. Navigate to the settings tab, where you should see the “Calendar” menu option in the left-hand menu.
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Click “Add Calendar” to create your first calendar feed. This will bring up the calendar creation modal, so that you can customize your feed options. There is no limit to the number of calendar feeds you can create.
You can customize each calendar feed based on the type of tasks you would like to subscribe to (Contacts, Deals or both), which user’s tasks you want to include in the feed, or which pipeline’s tasks you want to include in the feed.
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In ActiveCampaign, a “task” can be any number of things you need to do to close a deal. This could be something like a call, a meeting or a lunch. You can read more about Tasks in this help guide; “Understanding pipelines, deals and tasks.
Don’t worry about getting things perfect on your first pass, you can always edit these settings later if you want to reorganize your Calendar feeds.

After you have customized the feed based on your preferences the modal will present a guide with information on how to import your newly created calendar feed into your preferred calendar app; Google Calendar, Apple iCal, or Microsoft Outlook.
For information on subscribing to your new calendar feed in your specific calendar application, we have provided a help doc here.

Read the Help Docs

The new Calendar Feeds Sync is available now on all new ActiveCampaign accounts, for all plan levels.
Rollout has begun for all current accounts. If you don’t see the “Calendar” menu option in your settings, don’t worry. Your account should upgrade automatically in a few days.

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