We released a minor update to ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software today. It covers the following issues:
> *Update 2.11*
> Fix for satellite desk limitations of KB articles in 10 most recent list
> Fix for certain types of attachments
> Fix for several slash issues and announcements
> Fix for adding tickets for a specific user from the helpdesk software admin interface
> Update to glossary feature to detect whole words only to replace
> Forwarded & Assigned ticket email notifications fix
The latest Help Desk Software version is now 2.11. We do not expect any large updates (in terms of features) until our next planned major update. The next major update is going to involve restructuring of the code, implementing smarty templates throughout, a great number of new features, and enhancing the current features and debugging options.
If you should have any requests for this new version let us know at our forums or in the devtracker. More details regarding this update will be released once development has a strong start.