Help Desk & External Login Sources

Help Desk now supports external login sources for both public and admin sections. We included LDAP and vbulletin integration by default. Login sources allow you to connect to external systems, such as vBulletin, LDAP, or virtually any other external source to authenticate your users.

You can configure your login sources by clicking its menu option under the Users menu. First, you choose which login sources are enabled by editing each one you want to use and checking its enabled status. Any login source considered to be enabled will be used to authenticate users. Once you do so, if you have more than one enabled, you can move it up or down the list by clicking the “up” or “down” links respectively on the list screen. The login source at the top represents the first source we’ll try to authenticate a user; the bottom one the last. We try each source until all of them report that they don’t know a user before we state that this user doesn’t exist.

Before you use a login source, you’ll need to edit each one to input the connection information, such as its database location.

For people adding new connections: The best way to get into creating connections is to look at an already-existing one that closely matches what you want to do. If your authentication system is another MySQL database, for example, then you might want to check out the vBulletin connection file. For more details on creating your own connection file click here for our documentation or contact support.

We will be adding a long list of external login source connection files for a number of products. If you have a specific product you are looking to integrate with – contact support and we can assist with creating an external login source connection file.

UPDATE: We have just added Joomla and PHPBB3 as external login sources.

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  • Philippe

    For external login, is it necessary for users to be created first in supporttrio ?

  • Peter

    Nope–there’s no need to create users ahead of time. You can simply log in with the external source.

  • Alex

    I’m lost a little… can existing Support Trio users login to vBulletin … it more like login share? both ways?

    • Existing vBulletin users could log into SupportTrio. SupportTrio does not affect your external systems (such as vBulletin) at all so SupportTrio users cannot log into vBulletin.

  • Alex

    That makes no sense….. lets say that I’m running site where VB is my community forum and Support Trio is my Support system… based on what you just wrote, my clients need to create another login to use VB while other people including just participants on the forum , have access to support without creating separate login.

    From the usability standpoint it is very weird. I would rather share login info for both, so users can login with the login info everywhere. I know by autopsy, that people hate to create separate logins for each system especially if both are located on one site.

    • Anonymous

      If you are running VB as your forum and use the VB login source your users could login to the help desk software using their VB login details making it so they do not need to create an account with our software.

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  • I’ve created my own external login source. After logging in it says “Welcome back, !” and it stays at the login screen.
    The function authok() does return true and the function info() does return the correct user information.

    Am I missing something obvious?

  • Hi Sander,

    It’s possible there is an issue with the login script. If you submit a support ticket, we can examine it, to see if we find anything obvious. Ideally, the info() function should simply return the full name, and email address of the user.

    Please let us know if we can help.

  • I don’t know how common is my point of view.

    My wish is to create a single sign-on (sso) scenario between Joomla and Support Trio. Once logged into Joomla I need Support Trio to recognize I’m logged into Joomla and then to also log me into Support Trio when I try to access the website Support menu.

    I don’t need the user to be able to log into Support Trio stand-alone so authenticating against Joomla isn’t the challenge in my case. What I plan is to hide the Support Trio login, and throw a Joomla login form when they try to access the Support Trio iFrame.

    Because 1) you can’t ask users to create and maintain separate accounts with every module on your website; 2) users don’t want to have to log into every module on your website. They’ll log in once. Every other module should know.

    BTW, I really like the idea of LDAP for the admin side of Support Trio! That’s exactly right on in my case. But the public side is where I’m struggling to provide a seamless single sign-on.

    How can I get there with Support Trio?

    • Hi James,

      So I gather you are trying to have them logged into the help desk when they log into Joomla?

      In that case you would need some code added to Joomla that would do a login into the help desk.

      We currently have SSO support for “same server” but not external server. What I mean by that – is the same server SSO will work if your Joomla and Help Desk are on the same domain and server. To do this you would want to look at the SSO example in the docs/api-examples of your software download.

      We are working on external SSO (SSO from another domain/server) in the near future.