Help Desk 3.0 Development

Help Desk 3.0 development has begun….

We recently started work on Help Desk 3.0.  Version 3.0 will be a major update to the ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software package.

We will be incorporating hundreds of changes and additions including such things as:

  • Rewriting the majority of the backend code
  • Improving the speed and responsiveness of the entire application
  • Leaving 99% of the source code unencoded
  • CSS Based admin/public interfaces
  • Escalation system
  • SLA Management
  • External Login Sources
  • Much more….

While we have our development plans – we still want to know what you want to see in Help Desk 3.0.

Let us know what you want changed, what you wish was added, general feedback & comments, etc… Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be taken into consideration for Help Desk 3.0.

Tell us what you want in the next version of SupportTrio!

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  • heiga


    when will this major Update released, at the End of the year?
    Regards from Germany

    • We expect the beta to be available sometime around the end of the year.

  • We are looking to have the beta released sometime around the end of 2008. Just let us know if you have any other questions!

    • heiga

      Thanks for the info Jason. I love SupportTrio and with new features e.g. SLA and Escalation Management it is great product. At the end of the year, is the beta public?
      Regards from Germany

      • We expect the beta sometime around the end of the year (but do not have any definite dates/timeframe at this time)

        It will begin as a private beta and then will be available to all clients and to all trial users.

  • Philippe

    Search for closed tickets needs to be improved.
    You could add :
    – search by date (ticket opened or resolved or closed) or between 2 dates.

    In main admin page, sender’s e-mail only appears when mouse-over ticket number.
    sender e-mail should be a displayable (and sortable) field to display tickts in main amdin page.

    Print tickets :
    Each week, we need to print the still opened ticket list. For now, there is no great printable version to see tickets details.

    • Thanks for the feedback – we are planning some significant changes to viewing lists/searching tickets. Just let us know if you have any other suggestions!

  • philipe

    For each department, subject of ticket should be either mandatory or not
    When using custom fields in tickets, one could be chosen as ticket subject

  • philippe

    in think it will come with sla but we never know
    each ticket should hâve a due date and time
    And tickets should be sorted and filtered by

    Another idea: a way to link tickets. For example
    A ticket can lead to create 2 “child” tickets and
    The main ticket will be closed when the children
    Tickets are closed too

  • Heiko Garbe


    any good news for the public beta of 3.0??

    • We will be first releasing the beta to 1-2-All and subsequently will have some better details regarding a specific time frame for SupportTrio 3.0. A lot of work and changes are going into this version . We would rather have it take a bit longer and get it done right – vs rushing a version out.

  • philippe

    any news for v3?

  • Nothing substantial that we can show yet – should have more soon.. We are putting a greater focus on this now.

  • Hey Jason

    Any news

  • Hello

    Any update on the release of V3?

  • Jason

    You can signup to be notified of updates at:

  • Marc Rengers

    Hi Jason,

    Any news on the beta? We’re looking forward to upgrade our system after testing the beta.


    PS. I just subscribed the beta-notifier

  • Jason

    Lots of internal testing and finishing touches right now. We will be notifying the notification list when we release the first public details.

  • Jason

    Help Desk 3.0 BETA is now available for download at: