We just released a new version of Help Desk, the first major upgrade in 2.62.x series. We added a lot of stuff, so here we are going to mention the major ones, while the rest you can find in our Support Forum.
In the Ticket Management area, we added another column in the ticket lists pages that should reflect when the ticket was created. Also, from now on, merging ticket actions will now preserve all important ticket info, including assigned administrators, custom statuses, sticky option, importance (level), etc. When tickets are merged now, the resulting ticket will still have all info from all other tickets. Also, administrator can now manually assign public users to a ticket!
You all remember the Mark as Spam feature, and how the tickets got deleted, but still, Help Desk was able to match the following tickets as spam. Well, we went one step further: we added a page where you can manage spam tickets. There you can delete them, which means that similar tickets will not be marked as spam anymore if you don’t want them to.
Among Settings options, we changed notification options for admins which are now department specific: your admin can specify to receive emails about assigned tickets from one department, but not from others. In Filters area, we added another option for ticket submissions via web interface (Site Filters) that will push the ticket to a specific department based on filter rules.
Flood Control also got a major improvement: now you can define a level of strictness which will dictate the behaviour of Help Desk’s Flood Control Check. Strict level is the one you had until now. Now we added Relaxed and Loose, which will allow twice as much time for emails not to be considered as flooded emails.
Departments Manager also got one more option: whether you would like to have that departmant accept ticket attachments or not. Also, you can now specify ticket custom fields in Email Confirmations, which will have personalization tags like these: %PERS_34% (where 34 is that field’s ID).