New Help Desk is out, and since it has a 2.61 mark on it, you can expect a couple of improvements. We have added a lot of new features, and of course, fixed all current bugs that were out there.
First of all, I’m pleased to announce that Help Desk administration has gotten a mobile version for access through PDA devices. From now on, admins can point their cell phone browsers to /Help Desk/admin/mobile in order to use it on-the-go.
We added additional checks for displaying posts submitted via email in HTML format, since there was a chance for them to be harmful for admins (with malicious scripts embedded). Also, from now on, all the images will be removed for display in admin zone, with an option to show them (per post setting). Malicious scripts are just removed. An important improvement is that we now store incoming email addresses for posts submitted via email, so everybody can see what email address the client used in correspondence for the post in question.
In this release, we have added an Options dropdown to the Closed Tickets page. Now you can perform all of those same operations on closed/resolved tickets too. While viewing a ticket, other ticket’s IDs inside of a post are now transformed into links. View Ticket page has also gotten a much needed Change Status drop-down for fast status switching. The same drop-down has been added to Add Ticket page too. Now admin can set proper status while he is opening a ticket, it doesn’t have to be “Unviewed” anymore. Spam page will show every ticket’s spam probability count. And on startup page, you will see yourself online too, since you apparently are. 😉
User manipulation is also enhanced. User’s status can be changed now (active/unactive). Newly registered users can get linked to old tickets they submitted prior to registration if the emails are the same. Also, since admin can approve users now, when they approve someone, they will get an email that uses an account_created.txt template.
Furthermore, we have abandoned our old horizontal menu on the top navigation bar. We have replaced it with a better menu which you will find much more usable than the old one.
Public side also got a couple of handy improvements. Logged in users can now search their tickets on a Ticket Lookup page. Announcements can also be searched now, by anyone. By the way, from this version on, Announcements will be in HTML, and admins can use KB’s HTML editor to edit announcements.
We have also added some things to make Help Desk more customizable. We have added more encoding types for language strings. Besides old “8bit”, now you can use other ones too (7bit, base64, quoted-printable). Templates got their improved {ttdate} (soon to be called “acpdate”) modifier to properly format the date. We have added a default date/time format in General Settings page, and you can change it in your templates to correspond to your language/design settings.
By the way, from now on, as soon as you upload new files in order to upgrade Help Desk, your installation will cease to work. It will ask you to run updater if it notices that your installation database does not correspond to the new files.