A new version of Help Desk has been released!
We have changed quite a lot in this version. We have changed the Ticket Rating System, so Reports page should now show more accurate results. Also, Reports page does not use JPGraph for generating graphs anymore, so there is no need to have GD support in PHP on your server anymore. From now on, Help Desk will generate it’s graphs in Flash. They look better and they don’t need anything extra, since every browser has support for Flash files.
We have also fixed a problem with merging tickets. Until now, your post submission dates were reset to the date of merging when the ticket was merged. That won’t happen again.
We have added a link for “Tickets” on the Non-Admin Users page, so from now on admin will be able to see all user’s tickets from that page too. View Ticket page got back its “Calendar/To-Do Entries associated with this ticket” section which was missing even if there were some associated entries. Calendar is also more usable since we have fixed some minor bugs, mostly in templates.
A list of changed files can be found in our Support Forum.
Enjoy using the new Help Desk Software and let us know if you experience any kind of difficulties in using this product.