Help Desk Software 2.50 Released

Help Desk Software 2.50 Released

ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software 2.5 has officially been released. We have had several very successful beta testing months and the stability of 2.5 is apparent.
There were a lot of changes with version 2.5 of our popular customer service software. The rewrite was a complete rewrite of the entire code base. Developed for stability and to make it easier and faster for deploying new features in the future. A big change is the conversion of all pages to use smarty templates. Now every pages design and html structure is editable. You can add, modify, or remove what you like. You can even add and manipulate php code using the smarty {php} {/php} opening and closing php tags. In addition to smarty templates 2.5 utilizes several recent ActiveCampaign changes; our new language file format and the central authentication system. The new language file format enables you to see what would be printed by default while looking at the templates and provides automated language file creation. The central authentication system allows you to share users between products. This is currently offered in Knowledge Management, Email Marketing, and Help Desk.
Aside from the reconstruction we had a slew of new features added. Such as custom statuses, email actions, break line detection, enhanced search, spell check, numerous utilities and many more. You can view the full list of What’s New In 2.5 at:


While version 2.5 was a large update – we are not done with Help Desk Software development. Our development is an on-going process based on client feedback. So if you have any comments or suggestions, let us know with one of the following:

  • general feedback
  • Development / Bug Tracker feature requests and bugs
  • Forum feature requests, bugs, tips

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