Help Desk Software 2.5 RC 1

ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software 2.5 has entered the release candidate stage.

Help Desk Software 2.5 is a large update to the already popular customer service software. ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software is still the powerful ticketing/email management/knowledge management tool, but we have now extended those features even further.

With such options including:

    – New search page.
    – Custom Statuses Now Available.
    – Smarty templates
    – All public and admin pages changed to smarty templates. Email templates (where they are not in the database) are also in template files now.
    – Ability to create custom fields for user registration.
    – Multi-Level Departments with Department Nesting
    – Image verification on registration page. (Requires GDLIB)
    – Spell check for public and admin option. (Requires ASPELL / For Ticket Posts)
    – New report options
    – Full Knowledge Management Software integration.
    – Utilities Page
    – Email notification of POP failure.
    – Banned emails option.
    – Ability to block a ip, email, or domain.
    – Quick Assign
    – Message breaks detections to not include the un-needed portions of the message.
    – Email parsing debug reports.
    – New email confirmation personalization tags
    – Instant response to new tickets now includes related KB articles and related troubleshooters.
    – Ability to set max attachment size.
    – Ability to stick and unstick tickets in the ticket listings.
    – Preview option while creating fields.
    – Ability to import public users
    – New summary stats and options on startup.
    – Ability to include custom fields in email confirmations.
    – Central authentication system integrated into SupportTrio.
    – Option to Turn Off Editing of Public Users Ticket Posts (admin user permission)
    – CC option added to the ticket responce.
    – Ability to edit entered custom fields in a ticket.
    – Port Scanner Additions
    – Ability to set the number of tickets to be shown per page in the public section.
    – Ability to set saved ticket openers for admin add a ticket page.
    – Quote and reply options for each ticket post.
    – Ability for clients to reopen their own tickets.
    – Ability to unassign users from a ticket and see on the ticket view page who is currently assigned.
    – Ability to search custom fields.
    – Ability to manually activate public users.
    – Added options for satellite desks
    – Ability to export to vcard or add to address book for users and admins.
    – Ability to modify the status and all ticket information directly.
    – Numerous new reporting options.
    – Added a default language option for satelite desks.
    – Each ticket post stores its own charset now.
    – File library updates

    The above list is only a sampling of the number of new changes and additions introduced with SupportTrio 2.5.

    To be included in the beta – email The beta is closed to existing SupportTrio clients.

    Please contact us if you should have any questions or feedback!

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    • Nice Version!
      But i missing a edit tool for the lang files.

    • When will existing customers have a crack at it? because of some issues with the existing product we have postponed general release of the product. Most importantly the auto notification of tickets created by email and proper recognizion of the document type.

    • Any current client can run the latest build (RC 1) by requesting details from

      I have forwarded you the download details.

    • Vincent Tan

      Hi, i’m interested in supporttrio but i will liek to know if i purchase the program, am i getting all the source code for modify to suit my company? and what language is supporttrio use?

    • With the new version (currently a release candidate) every page has a “smarty” template so you can modify the design of the page and add options as needed.

      By default supporttrio includes a english language file only. But – translation is very easy with our central language file.