ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software 2.5 has entered the release candidate stage.
Help Desk Software 2.5 is a large update to the already popular customer service software. ActiveCampaign Help Desk Software is still the powerful ticketing/email management/knowledge management tool, but we have now extended those features even further.
With such options including:

    – New search page.
    – Custom Statuses Now Available.
    – Smarty templates
    – All public and admin pages changed to smarty templates. Email templates (where they are not in the database) are also in template files now.
    – Ability to create custom fields for user registration.
    – Multi-Level Departments with Department Nesting
    – Image verification on registration page. (Requires GDLIB)
    – Spell check for public and admin option. (Requires ASPELL / For Ticket Posts)
    – New report options
    – Full Knowledge Management Software integration.
    – Utilities Page
    – Email notification of POP failure.
    – Banned emails option.
    – Ability to block a ip, email, or domain.
    – Quick Assign
    – Message breaks detections to not include the un-needed portions of the message.
    – Email parsing debug reports.
    – New email confirmation personalization tags
    – Instant response to new tickets now includes related KB articles and related troubleshooters.
    – Ability to set max attachment size.
    – Ability to stick and unstick tickets in the ticket listings.
    – Preview option while creating fields.
    – Ability to import public users
    – New summary stats and options on startup.
    – Ability to include custom fields in email confirmations.
    – Central authentication system integrated into SupportTrio.
    – Option to Turn Off Editing of Public Users Ticket Posts (admin user permission)
    – CC option added to the ticket responce.
    – Ability to edit entered custom fields in a ticket.
    – Port Scanner Additions
    – Ability to set the number of tickets to be shown per page in the public section.
    – Ability to set saved ticket openers for admin add a ticket page.
    – Quote and reply options for each ticket post.
    – Ability for clients to reopen their own tickets.
    – Ability to unassign users from a ticket and see on the ticket view page who is currently assigned.
    – Ability to search custom fields.
    – Ability to manually activate public users.
    – Added options for satellite desks
    – Ability to export to vcard or add to address book for users and admins.
    – Ability to modify the status and all ticket information directly.
    – Numerous new reporting options.
    – Added a default language option for satelite desks.
    – Each ticket post stores its own charset now.
    – File library updates
    The above list is only a sampling of the number of new changes and additions introduced with SupportTrio 2.5.
    To be included in the beta – email The beta is closed to existing SupportTrio clients.
    Please contact us if you should have any questions or feedback!