Success (Team) Stories: Erick Helps Build a Webinar Warrior

When you become an ActiveCampaign customer, you get more than a marketing automation tool, you get a customer success team that is devoted to helping you grow your business. In the following video, Erick Maldonado regales us with the story of a time he helped a two-person company develop a process that saved time and boosted engagement.

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Erick, in effect, serves as the third member of this small business—their ActiveCampaign guru. He was able to help them provide personalized content for different groups depending on their engagement with the content they produce—in this case, a specific webinar.
If you use ActiveCampaign, you can take advantage of our Success Team by scheduling your own strategy session with a rep like Erick by visiting our training page. And, if you’d like to apply this specific tactic to your business, we’ll show you how.
Below, is a generalized version of the automation which Erick described in the video. Using tags, the automation sends contacts down one of two paths. Path 1 for folks that are less engaged and Path 2 for the more engaged.
While Erick’s client used this automation for communications around a webinar, the automation can be used for any situation in which you want to send different messaging to contacts based on their engagement.
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