I am happy to give you three recordings of Success Hours with Kelly (and now Megan)! This is a story stuffed with amazing insights, tips, deep dives, and very actionable use-cases for all types of businesses. It stars marketing automation heroines that are simply amazing in their performances. These episodes are “cannot miss” installments.

When viewing, please make sure that you click the links to take advantage of Full Screen Mode, so that you can see what’s going on in-app.
First up, is Kelly’s comprehensive overview of our New Contact & Deal Management BETA. While this webinar goes into the update and more use-specific cases, you can read about the entire release, background and how to upgrade here. When you go to join the BETA, you’ll see a very granular overview of all the new features and functionality on the self-service update page.
Diving in was a fantastic experience for me, even as I’ve been working in the new update for a couple months now, I was still able to learn a few new pieces of the update.
For example, you can fully customize how your Deal cards look and prioritize, so that you can make our intuitive, graceful Kanban board entirely yours and have your deals reflect your priorities. That’s just one of the many cool features that Kelly highlights in the following webinar. Others include a unified interface for contacts & deals, the ability to associate multiple contacts to a deal, updated permissions structure, and more.
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Next up, we have our most recent webinar detailing all of our Automation Start Triggers. This was a highly requested topic, and we were happy to dig into our numerous ways to begin an automated workflow. Currently, we have 20 start triggers (21 if you count not having a trigger as a trigger).
We’ve all run into the fabled “Blank Canvas.” It’s part of any creative endeavor. It’s a pretty unique moment where the boundless possibilities of your creativity comes to a crossroad of sorts, and having so many options leads to a choice paradox…like me on a Friday night with my Chromecast.

However, with this Success Hours, we sought to enlighten and inspire the vast possibilities available to you.
Below is a list of all the triggers outlined by Kelly. Each trigger has a use-case, and a short example of how it can be utilized.

  1. Subscribes – to a list
  2. Unsubscribes – from a list
  3. Submits a form – any or specific
  4. Open/reads an email – choose between campaigns and personal emails
  5. Clicks a link in an email – any or specific link
  6. Web page is visited – exact or wildcard URLs available
  7. Event is recorded
  8. Shares an email
  9. Forwards an email
  10. Replies to an email – choose between campaigns and personal emails
  11. Tag is added
  12. Tag is removed
  13. Contact field value changes – choose between added or updated
  14. Goal is Achievedlearn more from this blog post or this episode of Success Hours
  15. Date BasedLearn more about updates made to this trigger
  16. RSS based – select all or segmented contacts – Learn more from this blog post
  17. Score changes – choose between deal score and engagement
  18. Enters a pipeline
  19. Deal stage changes a pipeline
  20. Deal status changes
  21. …no trigger!

Advanced: Segment your contacts based upon your automation triggers. 
Click below to learn more about all of our triggers.

It would be pretty mean to give you all these triggers, and no automations, right?
Well, we thought it would be, so last, but certainly not least, is our Success Hours that goes into the nitty gritty of some of our most popular automations.
This is a pretty cool episode of Success Hours for two reasons really. Firstly, joining us for her inaugural webinar is Megan from our Customer Success team! Second, this is a pretty hands on episode, we go through every single step that goes into building four of our most popular automations we see users building, implementing, and growing their businesses. Click below to watch Megan build out a Webinar Registration, Internal Field Update, Welcome Series, and an Event/Post-Purchase Follow-up sequence.

After you’ve watched the recording, put the automations to work!

Webinar Registration

Internal Field Update

Welcome Series

Event/Post Purchase Follow-up

There you go! Now that you’ve watched Stranger Things, you have something else to binge on! Enjoy.
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