Subscribe Through SMS Using JA.TXT

ActiveCampaign provides many options to add subscribers to your lists including subscription forms, bulk importing, third-party integrations, and our API – but what if you’re away from a computer (such as at a convention) and someone is interested in signing up? Perhaps they only have a cell phone with them, or internet connectivity is limited.
It would be great to have them send a text message to a specific number and instantly be added to your ActiveCampaign list.

JA.TXT makes this possible, and super easy! Once you get set up in their system, interested subscribers can text message a specific shortcode with a keyword such as “ACTIVE.” They will then receive a text reply prompting them to send their email address. Once sent, a final confirmation text message will be received.

Just like that, the subscriber is added to your list and can be sent future campaigns. You can even set it up to have them opt-in first (although they would have to receive an email for that) and receive instant autoresponders just like you normally would when a subscriber is added via the web.
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Read more on the JA.TXT blog to get started!

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