New ActiveCampaign Integrations: Stripe and Paypal

New ActiveCampaign Integrations: Stripe and Paypal

What if you could trigger automations based on how your customers pay you?

Payment processors are one of the most important parts of your business’ tech stack because they let you directly sell to your customers. But if you had access to the data collected in those platforms — and could use it to help automate your business — you could make your payment processing even more powerful.

Customer Experience Automation (CXA) lets you pull together all the information you have about your customers to create richer, more meaningful experiences. Unlocking the info you have in your payments system unlocks new opportunities to create great experiences.

Starting today, you can integrate ActiveCampaign directly with Stripe and PayPal. What are Stripe and PayPal?

  • Stripe is an online payment processor that enables businesses of all sizes to accept payments and manage their business online. Businesses of all sizes can use Stripe to accept payments and send payouts.
  • PayPal is a payments system that enables businesses (and individuals) to transfer money online, and more seamlessly checkout on millions of stores and apps worldwide without having to update credit card details at every checkout.

These integrations join the ActiveCampaign App Ecosystem alongside over 300 integrations that let you choose the tools that make the most sense for your business.

What can you do with Stripe and PayPal integrations?

ActiveCampaign’s new Stripe and PayPal integrations are native integrations — which means you can connect each platform directly to your ActiveCampaign account.

Once connected, info from Stripe and PayPal starts to flow into ActiveCampaign. You’ll be able to trigger ActiveCampaign automations based on key actions, such as:

  • A charge is successful or refunded
  • A customer is added or updated
  • A subscription to created/updated/deleted/trial ended
  • An invoice is created or updated
  • A payment fails or succeeds
  • A payment is upcoming (auto-payment)
  • An order is created or updated

That means you can automatically follow up after purchases, remind customers that a charge is coming up soon, keep track of your invoices, and accurately update your lists of customers and prospects.

“I can now more seamlessly follow up with students post-registration, since all my contact and payments data are in one place. The ActiveCampaign integration with Stripe enables me to capture and act on payment events instantly from one, single platform.” says Oleg Maskiwskiy the founder of GC Academy, a company focused on creating education courses for architecture and design students.

If you’re looking for ideas to get started, these pre-built automation recipes are an introduction to the new Stripe and PayPal integrations:

  1. PayPal: Thank you on Purchase
  2. PayPal: Post-Purchase Feedback Survey
  3. PayPal: New Customer Thank You On Purchase
  4. PayPal: Fulfill Order When Order Succeeds
  5. Stripe: New Subscription Welcome
  6. Stripe: Subscription Winback
  7. Stripe: Refund Follow-up
  8. Stripe: Invoice Payment Failed Follow-up
  9. Stripe: Trial Ending Drip Series
  10. Stripe: Trial Ending Notification

These new integrations are part of the ActiveCampaign app ecosystem, and part of our commitment to you as the leading Customer Experience Automation platform.

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