Stamplia expands your template options

ev13si67 stamplia2

ActiveCampaign provides several dozen templates, and with the editing options, there are almost limitless possibilities. However, maybe the stock templates are not quite what you are looking for and you really have something very specific in mind. If you cannot find what you are looking for within the current library ActiveCampaign templates, consider purchasing a template form one of the many provides. Stamplia is the “Email Templates Marketplace” where designers from around the world have submitted the pre-designed email templates for purchase. Stamplia’s HTML templates are designed to be used and exported into many different services, and most recently, this includes ActiveCampaign.
The wonderful thing about Stamplia, is their templates are easy to buy, affordable, and simple to export into ActiveCampaign. On the flip side, if you are an ActiveCampaign user and have serious development skills, you can actually sell your creative genius on Stamplia in the form of email templates and several other web based products. If you are interested in checking out the templates designs offered on Stamplia you can visit the Stamplia landing page within the ActiveCampaign Apps page.

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