Filtering by Tags in Reports

As we’ve mentioned before, Tags in ActiveCampaign are a bit of a pet project that we see big potential for. Whereas we normally update our app in large changes section by section, implementing Tags in the ways we’d like basically needs to be peppered throughout gradually. Whereas we’ve previously added them to the series, the contact pages, and the import functionality, Tags have now started to creep their way into reports.
With our most recent change you can now filter your campaign and series reports by how your contacts are tagged.
Want to see which of your customers with a certain tag opened your messages or clicked on a link? Now you can.
hwgmoarou staging email marketing reports
Additionally this can be used when viewing top contacts, read and open trends and client trends. If you want to see what percentage of a your contacts in a certain tag are using Gmail, now you can as well.
69sk30id9 clients
Got ideas of what else we can do with tags? Let us know on our feedback forums.

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