Social Sharing Updates

Social Sharing Updates

A couple quick updates regarding social sharing:

Link only

You can now (additionally) obtain just the link for each social sharing service, instead of just the linked-icon that we provide, so you can apply the link to any text or image in your mailing.
For example, %SOCIALSHARE-FACEBOOK% returns this icon, linked-to the Facebook post page:
Social Facebook icon
If you’d rather use another image, or perhaps just a text link, you can use this alternate personalization tag:
This will return just the URL, as in this example:
This immediately redirects to the Facebook post page:
Do this for all other social sharing personalization tags as well. (Just append -LINK to the very end.)

Google Reader removed

We’ve also removed the Google Reader/Buzz share icon as “Note in Reader” no longer works, and Buzz no longer exists. In place of this we have included Google+ sharing. You’ll find the “Share on Google+” link in the “Personalize Message” window:
Screenshot of Personalize Message window
The individual personalization tag for Google+ is %SOCIALSHARE-GPLUS%, and of course %SOCIALSHARE-GPLUS-LINK% will work as well.

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