Add Beautiful Social Icons to Your Campaigns

New social icons (gif)

Today we are releasing a new Social Icons widget. You can now quickly and easily insert a variety of beautiful social icons into your campaigns.
vdsg8gr6k newestsocialiconsscreencap2

Using the Social Icons widget…

Now, adding social buttons is just a matter of clicking the social widget in the designer’s sidebar and dragging it to where you want the icons placed in your campaign. When the correct location is highlighted, unclicking will place the social icons.
You’ll be presented with a modal window giving you a variety of settings and styling options:

  • You’ll be able to choose whether the links redirect to your profile or share the campaign.
  • You’ll be able to customize the social icons by choosing from a wide variety of style options including colorful, light, and dark themes, 3d or flat design, and square, round, or hexagonal icon shapes.
  • You can also choose which social icons are displayed and reorder them with drag and drop.

Once you have the icons and settings the way you want them, you can save the block into your content library for quick and easy reuse later.

More Big Announcements Coming…

Yesterday I hinted that we had another big announcement on the way. This new feature is great, but it’s not the big announcement I was referring to.
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