The sun is finally starting to shine in Chicago. That means two things; it’s Valentines Day, and we have spring fever. We recently released our Shopify Deep Data integrations for our ecommerce customers. The ecommerce Deep Data integrations take customer purchase data, and makes it actionable inside the ActiveCampaign platform.
You can now start an automation when a contact makes a purchase, segment contacts based on previous purchase history, and more. We think its a must-have integration for all Shopify users, but we certainly don’t think it is the only plugin that Shopify customers should have. Here are a few more of our favorite apps for Shopify customers.


What is it?

There is something so hypnotic about watching an old-school boardwalk pitchperson do their thing. One of the best tricks they discovered was called “ballying the tip.” Bally means “gather” and “tip” means crowd, so “bally the tip” literally means gather the crowd. If you saw the movie Joy, then this is what Jennifer Lawrence does when she is selling the mops out of her trunk and pretends to be an interested buyer herself.
The process for boardwalk pitchmen is to start shouting at the crowd, “gather round, gather round.” In order to entice people to stop and pay attention, you can seed the crowd with one or more ringers. These ringers act like regular passers-by only they feign interest and gather around to hear your pitch.
Fomo is a way to generate those ringers for your digital store. When a customer makes a purchase at your Shopify store, Fomo will generate small “toast” notifications for all of the visitors on the site, letting them know that people are making purchases.

Why we love it?

Social validation is an incredible motivator, and can generate a lot of trust in your store and your brand. By demonstrating to your visitors that other people are making purchases, it makes them confident that you aren’t just some charlatan that is going to take their money, close down shop and run.
Fomo integrates with more than just Shopify purchase data. You can also display Fomo notifications when visitors subscribe to your ActiveCampaign mailing lists as well. The more you grow your list, the more your list grows. The more your list grows, the more you can nurture those leads, the more purchases you can drive. The more purchases you drive, the more Deep Data you have, the smarter your messaging can become!

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What is it?

Retargeting can be an incredibly effective method of advertising, especially when building custom audience segments. You can retarget specific ads, to specific people, about specific products. With all of the levers to pull, it can be confusing, complicated and most importantly timely to setup. For many small online retailers time is the one thing they can’t spare.
Shoelace helps to buy back some of that time, by automating the process of running retargeting campaigns. Shoelace puts your retargeting “on autopilot.” They will automatically install your tracking pixels, sync your product catalog, create and propose campaigns to run, and monitor and optimize deployed campaigns — all automatically.

Why we love it?

In addition to syncing up your Shopify products, Shoelace also integrates with ActiveCampaign*, to help you turbo-charge your email marketing campaigns. When you send a campaign, Shoelace will automatically analyze the campaign, write some ad copy for you, pull in your images, and create a short 3-day retargeting campaign for the segment of contacts that received the email.
It as an excellent way to expand your messaging channels to the right people at the right time, automatically.

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*The Shoelace integration is currently in private beta. Email to be notified as soon as the integration is live.


What is it?

There are three categories of social media:

  • The things you say
  • The things people say to you
  • and the things people say about you

The first two are easy to handle, and have become second nature to many small business owners. The later is harder, but probably the most important. In fact, 83% of sampled consumers would be willing to refer new business to a brand they love, but only 29% of them actually do.
Maitre makes it easy to push those customers over the edge, by giving them an incentive to spread the word. If you are familiar with the Harry’s Razors viral pre-launch (right now Zerocard is doing a similar promotion), then you are already familiar with how Maitre works. Maitre creates a viral “waiting list” to grant contacts access to an incentive. Contacts can advance their position in the list by referring their friends and contacts.
This makes them perfect for granting early adopters product releases, or creating sweepstakes to give something away. During the waiting period you can continue to promote the value of the incentive.

Why we love it?

Viral Sweepstakes and waiting lists are old news, and their success has already been proven. But rarely have they been so technically easy to implement. With the barrier to entry reduced, marketers can spend more time on strategy and less time on implementation, resulting in better incentives, better messaging, and therefore better marketing.
Maitre integrates directly with ActiveCampaign, so they are a great way to grow your list ahead of a Shopify product release. Setup an automation to trickle information out about the product before the release.

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ActiveCampaign Shopify Deep Data Integration

What is it?

The ActiveCampaign Shopify Deep Data integration turbo-charges your Shopify Ecommerce store, by bringing contact information from your customers inside ActiveCampaign and makes that information actionable.

  • For example, starting a marketing automation sequence when a contact makes a purchase is trivial.
  • You can sort all of your contact’s by their customer lifetime value, to see who has generated the most revenue for your store.
  • You can create segments of your contacts with the most individual orders to see who makes the most frequent purchases.

Why we love it?

At ActiveCampaign we believe that one-size-doesn’t-fit all. We believe that the future of martech is not an “all-in-one” approach, but rather a system of modular marketing stacks. Each stack as individual as the marketer that created it, and that all of the applications in those stacks are able to function together as a single cohesive unit. Read the Shopify Deep Data announcement.

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